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  • What up man? Stayin' irie i hope? I know I am... You ever get up to Summit? You gotta come shred this season brah! :ganjamon:

    Just checkin' in and saying high! Hope life is treatin' ya well. Take care man
    All is well. Still at it. Goin guerrilla finally after 3 years of trying. No pics posted of my location yet. 4-5 weeks till harvest on an indoor grow. Got my first strain I been working on for 2 years finally finishing indoors although I bred them outdoors. Check out my gallery if u have time. I'm probably gonna be asking ur advice on my guerilla patch. Keep in touch bro.
    High IRIE - Just wanted to say :thanks: for the reps, and especially for the kind words with it. I've admired your efforts since the day I joined this site, and find your work inspirational -- so it was very meaningful to me. You set the bar, brotha! :)
    Happy holidays Be to you and yours and Thank-you for the work you do here and helping me for 3 yrs.lol
    Just poppin' by to say HIGH my brotha! Haven't been on the site in a while but wanted to check on ya. Looks like you've started your old thread back. Hope you have good grows this winter.
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