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  • Hope all those monsters in your backyard didn't swallow you up and eat you... just checkin in on you....
    Can't believe you weren't already on my friend list... good looking out daze. I am honored that you would want to add me... cheers my friend!
    Glad you enjoyed the notes & quotes from DJ Short's seminar. He's giving one next month, will try to attend it if I can, legends don't live forever.
    Hey Thanks Captain :thanks:

    At the moment real well...just harvested. That is always a good time.
    Hope your doing well too Brother.:thanks:
    I didn't know what to do, or how to let you know this.. But..

    In your "About Me"

    Ah man, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Thanks Cap'n!
    No sorry wasnt clear, these all came from seeds..i planted a few late, I ended up with two small females, one of em i found the ball on..ive been through this a fewtimes, but this is my first hermi..actually I had a few white widows I had to pull bananas from the whole time.
    Shes just at ten or so days, I wrote it down. At the most two weeks, whadayathink ? Is this a possibilty, I 12/12 that plant super early, like two or three sets of fans...hey the rest were ready I said f it..
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