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  • Hello to all, first chance onkine, so good to hear from you all. I will get more in depth as soon as I have ISP again. Peace and God bless you all!
    I don't remember much but I did remember we talked about locking in the twin plant from one seed. Unfortunately, I have to put the breeding program on hold until I get some more growing space to experiment. It was one year ago indeed.
    I just love it when my friends are rewarded for their hard work and dedication! :bravo::goodjob::thanks:

    It just makes me feel all "Warm And Fuzzy" inside, to have a good friend working along side of me and buddy boy, I consider you one of my best BUDZ here...FoSho!!!

    I can't wait to see what we can accomplish together my friend! ;) :high-five:

    Peace and God bless you and yours brother!!! :peace::Namaste:
    i thought i did this,and it turns out i only took a few pics of the finish product. i ended up with over 1/4 pound on 9 plants:) ive still got about a ozzy left.harvest was first week in January,almost 3 months free meds:)
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