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  • How do I move my journal from active to completed?

    Thanks for your help
    Hi Soniq420 hope im not buggin you.I will make this short.Im new and ive looked everywere to read about reps.I found what they and how you get them but i dont understand how they appaer when i post.Do the administrators put it up there? Just curious.:Namaste:Have i missed something?
    Hey bro, I would like to start a comprehensive grow journal on the appropriate site, however I'm unable to attach photos and I think it would be pointless without them. I'm not able to find any info on when I'll be able to post photos on my journal. Any info would be appreciated. I'm a newbie grower and this info is not only interesting, but valuable. I have a degree in horticulture and I'm going through the process as to how to relate to this type of plant. Thanks....mcloadie
    just started a thread called trimmin tunes on the faq not sure if thats were it belongs or if there is already a simmilar thread soo no point
    Nice new look, but as w/each new look comes confusion . I'm all effed up. I can't see my gallery or figure out how to upload photos. Little help please?
    Sup brother? Long time no hear from. Jus stopping by to drop u a few lines to let u know u crosses my mind. Hope all is well bro. :peace:
    Hey soniq can you change the name of my journal its name is currently Hempy-SOG-QRAZY TRAIN-HAMMERHEAD-OGKUSHand thers a green smile at the front if you change it id like it to be BLUE PLANET POWERED 18 STRAIN HEMPY with the smile still out front thanks
    can you move my first grow to completed? not sure how to go about it. thanks
    my first grow
    hi Soniq, akaman here, could you help me with linking my thread to a post plz? I asked the community but with no success yet. Started my journal late and trying to get it out there. Thx a mil
    Whats up soniq, oral surgery today sucked ,how u been? Crap they ripped me off!hate dentists ,need learn to make brownies . The proper .no b, bags yet!
    yeah soniq, some people not to nice lately,maybe my approach is incorrect.dont learning all this 4 me being paralyzed is a challenge.
    hey bro just wanted to stop in and say thanks for all the good work providing a chill site for all to enjoy. By the way my entry on the plant of the month is Pre-98 Bubba not just plain bubba just wanted to clarify because there is a big difference. Peace and Jah Bless you and your Family.
    I would like to thank you 4 all your help/ my legal meds are thriving!! Please take a look at my small slide show 4 sum tips. Again thank you , and i look up to u senior growers//professional// thank u soniq!!!
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