Privacy Policy

Here at we value your business. This brief privacy statement discusses what information we collect about you and what we do with that information.

We have access to your alias and your email address. This information is carefully guarded and is not released to anyone outside of our organization. We will occasionally use your email address to send you information about membership specials or information that would pertain to your membership at this website.

We send out weekly newsletters to our subscriber base informing them of what is happening in our industry. You may unsubscribe from these mailings at any time by sending an email to unsubscribe at and you can be sure we will never share your email address with anyone. Most of our business is from loyal customers and we would never intentionally do anything to jeopardize the trust you have in us.

Our server collects the usernames, ip addresses, dates and times and other electronic information about visitors to our website. This information is used solely for security purposes (to prevent hacking and password trading and for banning trouble makers).