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420 Magazine's Posting Guidelines

Welcome to the World's First Online Cannabis Community, Promoting Cannabis & Hemp Since 1993.

420 Magazine is dedicated to activism, education and entertainment. Our members are from all races, creeds, genders and nationalities, in countries all over the world. Please maintain our positive vibe when connecting with each other, by treating everyone with dignity and respect. We promote positive energy, paying it forward and lifting each other up. Enjoy sharing, mentoring and learning while you're here, the world is watching so please be kind.

We exist due to the support of our sponsors, who help sustain our mission of bringing cannabis, hemp & fungi awareness to the world. We have a dedicated team of moderators and support staff who actively help members with problems and resolve any issues. Mistakes and errors are treated with compassion and understanding. Repeat, deliberate or malicious violations may receive an infraction or ban.

Please read and agree to respect the following guidelines, to maintain your active membership.


Members must be 18-21 years or older to register, as required by your local, state and federal laws.

Negative Energy

Fighting, flaming and trolling are prohibited and may result in a temporary or permanent disruption of service. Expletives in titles or directed at someone, are discouraged and subject to edit without notification.


Please do not hijack topics or post duplicate messages. Our website is a place for learning, helping and teaching about cannabis, hemp & fungi related topics exclusively.

Off Topic​

Threads dedicated to topics other than cannabis, hemp or fungi will be moved to the Off Topic Area. Non 420 related political or religious posts may be deleted without notice. Extremely long off topic discussions may be edited or deleted, if requested by the thread starter.


Please do not post anything graphic, illegal or dangerous. Photos of nudity, minors, weapons, blood, gore or death are prohibited. Non 420 related political or religious photos/memes may be deleted without notice.

Upload all plant & fungi related media to our Photo Gallery; like cannabis, mushrooms, grow supplies, lights, etc.

Use "Attach Image" from the editor window to embed photos in posts for all non-420 related photos; like cars, landscapes and off topic memes.

See our Photo Gallery Guide for more information.


Please embed all video clips in your posts, instead of linking out to other websites that could harvest your IP, compromise your identity/security or infect you with malware. Check out our How To Post/Embed Videos tutorial for instructions on how to embed a Vimeo or YouTube video into a post. To protect our members from trojans, viruses & phishing attacks, posting links to external audio/video sources are prohibited.


420 Magazine is a reference site, not a market. Posts pertaining to buying/selling/trading/swapping/giving of seeds, clones, pollen, cannabis, oil, hash, or any other substance or article are prohibited.

Private Messages​

As a method of spam prevention, members must have at least 50 posts to use the Private Message system. Members can PM Admins, Moderators, Support & Sponsors as soon as they have registered.


Please do not discuss the shipping of seeds. We understand that this may be a dilemma, however importation of seeds into the United States, and shipping across state lines is still illegal.


We understand our members may belong to other cannabis sites, and we acknowledge that friends may occasionally reference these sites in their private discussions. We take no issue with this practice but we do prohibit recruiting, which may result in a termination of a member's posting privileges. 420 Magazine reserves the sole right to interpret the distinction between referencing and recruiting based on frequency, context, and/or prior reports.

Signature Links

Off-site links in signatures from members are prohibited, unless they're purely for reference, containing useful information and not a commercial website. Only sponsors can link to their websites. This helps preserve sales for our sponsors as well as saving our members from fraudulent links to phishing or IP tracking websites.

Amazon, eBay & Etsy​

Members can post reference links to Amazon, for things like grow supplies and equipment. Only sponsors can link to their online shops like eBay & Etsy.

Social Networking Platforms​

Please do not promote other platforms here, instead help us continue building ours. Allowing posts to these other platforms has gotten out of hand, resulting in forum spam with non-sponsored products and attempts to recruit our members. Linking to most websites for the purpose of providing a reference is fine, however promoting or repeat linking to other cannabis forums or blogs is prohibited.


Before linking to off-site references, try utilizing our Search Feature to find and link to content already on our website.


Every post/blog/private message contains a
"Report Post" bell icon located at the bottom left. If someone makes inappropriate comments in your thread or a PM, please use this report feature. Our moderators and support staff will get your report and assess the situation. Please wait at least 48 hours before contacting us about any report, so we have ample time to investigate.

You may not always get a response to your report, especially if we feel the request is beyond our responsibility. Getting sucked in to every single dispute or argument, is not something we have the interest or capacity to handle. If someone is irritating you and you want them to back off, you can use the IGNORE feature and be done with it.

Violation Alerts​

If we have to edit or delete a member's post, our dialogue box system sends an alert with a brief explanation.


Repeat, deliberate or malicious violations can result in termination of your posting privileges. In the event that a member is banned, they will lose access to their account either for a period of time or permanently.

Discussing Banned Members​

Public discussions of banned members are prohibited. Whenever banned members are discussed in public threads, it summons the trolls to stir up drama, and quadruples our workload. For more information, please refer to our Questions & Answers - Previously Banned Members & Banned Websites.

Privacy & Security​

For our member's safety, public sharing of personal information is prohibited. Our staff will help protect your anonymity by removing personal email addresses and links to personal websites as they are found. We ask that you not give out your personal information to anyone, until growing cannabis is no longer a federal crime.


If you receive unsolicited invitations from other forums or platforms, or someone trying to sell you a product or service, please report the post or PM to the 420 Staff. This is unfair to our sponsors and a violation of our guidelines.


When inviting members to a thread, please do not post the same invitation in multiple threads within a short period of time. This is considered spamming and is prohibited. If you want to promote to a lot of people at once, please use tagging or the Private Message system instead.

Polling Members​

Polling our member demographic is considered private company data and is prohibited. We do everything we can to ensure our member's privacy.

Non-Sponsored LEDs​

Threads dedicated to showcasing non-sponsored LED grow lights are prohibited. It's okay to post a grow journal with a non-sponsored light, as long as you're not heavily discussing or promoting it.

Sponsor Complaints​

If you have a complaint against a sponsor, your first course of action should be to contact the sponsor directly. You can tag them in a thread, send a private message or email them from their website. If complaints are expressed with reason and rationale, they should respond in a timely manner. If the sponsor ignores your requests, we will start a discussion and invite you. Inappropriate posts which are clearly sponsor bashing will be deleted.

Concentrated Cannabis Oil​

420 Magazine welcomes threads discussing the treatment of medical conditions with concentrated cannabis oil. Unless explicitly stated, those giving advice are not medical professionals and every patient is different. We strongly advise seeking professional medical advice before self-medicating with concentrated cannabis oil, unless already familiar with the effects of ingesting cannabis.


Members must have at least 50 posts to vote or enter 420 Magazine contests. Cheating is prohibited and will result in banning from entering future contests. Before entering, please read the contest guidelines, published in the first post in each contest thread.

Contest Campaigning​

Campaigning for yourself or anyone is considered cheating and is prohibited. Campaigning includes family and friends who register a new account solely for voting purposes. Campaigning in any form will result in the entry being removed from the contest.


420 Magazine allows discussions of BHO, however BHO tutorials are prohibited. Making hash oil using the butane method is inherently dangerous and we do not want to put the safety of our members at risk.


Sponsors can advertise their medicine with prices and availability. However, implicating 420 Magazine in any transactions by discussing logistics of exchanging money is prohibited. Please do not promote your business without first becoming a sponsor. For more information, contact

Psychoactive Medicinal Fungi

Conversations regarding shipping, trading, gifting or selling magic mushrooms, or anything that could make 420 Magazine an accomplice in a federal crime, are prohibited. Please read our Psychoactive Medicinal Mushroom Specific Disclaimer for more information.

Reefer Madness

420 Magazine does not wish to perpetuate the myths collectively known as "reefer madness". These fallacious arguments and other dishonest tactics have been used for decades to scare the public and avoid truthfully debating the benefits of cannabis. We understand that new activists sometimes need to touch on these topics when learning how to debunk propaganda with facts. All we ask is that you include the appropriate context.

For more information and further explanation of our guidelines, please check out the 420 Guidelines FAQ's

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Thank you for joining our community and agreeing to respect our guidelines, we are truly grateful.

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