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Welcome to the 420 Magazine community forums! Our website is dedicated to spreading Cannabis and Hemp awareness throughout the world.

We are a mature, friendly community that appreciates your participation. To get started, we encourage you to visit our Introduce Yourself - 420 Magazine forum and tell us a little bit about yourself. Do you grow? Do you use Cannabis for medicine? Do you have medicinal Marijuana in your state? Do you own anything made from Hemp? Are you politically active in the movement to legalize Cannabis? We would love to hear your story.

Post often! This is part of what makes a great forum. There are so many friendly, informative people who are eager to help answer your questions and share ideas.

We would like to hear about your experiences with Cannabis and how it has benefited you. But please remember when using the forums that we do not allow discussion of any other drugs or alcohol. There is also no flaming, hookups, or spamming on our forums. To avoid any confusion, we ask that you look over the Posting Guidelines before you post.

Please direct all of your grow questions here: Frequently Asked Questions - 420 Magazine

If you have any questions or concerns, post them in the forums or use the search button to find the specific information you are looking for. We have a very qualified staff and membership who are more than happy to help you if you need assistance on any subject.

Welcome friend, we are glad to have you here! :yummy:

Please take five minutes to read these, and help us keep the forums positive, clean and on-topic.

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Thank you for being a valuable part of our Mission, we are truly grateful that you are here.

The 420 Magazine Team

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