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The 420 Magazine Forum is an amazing resource for all things cannabis. We have organized the forum into broad sub-forums, each of which holds even more sub-forums to give members easy access to information and conversation. While it sounds complicated, it really isn’t, so please spend some time just poking around. This tutorial is the first part of a series that will help you find information in the forum.

The Search feature (the magnifying glass in the menu bar) is your key to finding information. This first section will look at full forum searches and specific forum searches. See Search This Thread below to search within a thread that you are viewing.

On a PC:


On a Mobile device:


When you click/tap the icon a drop box will open for a simple search. Type in your keyword search term or terms (simple is best) and click/tap Search. You can refine your search by checking the Search titles only box or by typing in a specific member’s name in the By box. As you type a member’s screen name, a suggestion list with avatars will pop down that allows you to easily choose the right member.

Advanced Search
You can narrow the search more by clicking/tapping the Advanced Search . . . button. This will open up a new dialog box that gives you numerous methods to refine your results.


The first thing to note is the top menu bar. This is where you choose what you want to search. The choices are: everything, threads, media, media comments, profile posts and tags. On a Mobile Device use the right arrow to view all choices.

The advanced search also adds other filters to narrow your search. You can search by basic date with Newer than and on popularity with Minimum number of replies. You can also specify a particular forum with Search in forums. The Search child forum button will add any sub-forums to your search if it is checked.

In the example above, I am using the search forum filter looking for malawi which was posted by member Pennywise. I added a date filter of Feb 1, 2018 with a minimum of 2 replies. As you can see, I chose to search in the Journals in Progress forum and I left the bottom checkmark: Display results as threads unchecked. This is the result:


Here is the same search with the Display results as threads box checked. This organises the results into their respective threads. In both of these searches, I have ordered them by Relevance. You can also choose ordering by Date or by Most Replies using the check boxes.


Search This Thread
Since many popular threads get very long, it is easy to lose track of a specific post or subject discussion that interested you. To search a specific thread, go to the thread and open the Search button on the top menu bar.


The drop box opens but in thread view, it includes the ability to search Everywhere, Threads, This forum or This thread. Make your choice and type in your search criteria and click/tap Search.

Complex Searches
The search feature supports the standard Boolean search operators. To use them, enclose the operator in hashes between your search keywords. #AND#, #OR#, #NOT#

e.g. malawi #AND# cob will result in posts that contain both of the words: malawi and cob.

If you still need help, please feel free to send an email to
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