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  • Hi! I want to make a led chip grow light for my tent (wide 3ft, length 3ft, hight 6ft). I also want to keep switching for veg and flowering.
    1. I have 3w 50 piece chip
    2. 10 piece 730nm red
    3.10piece 385nm uv.

    What kinds of driver should i use and the cooling system. I would appreciate if you suggest the tools i need and making it possible to make it myself.

    *if i need to buy more led i would do it
    * i only have available market aliexpress.com

    Thanks in advance.
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    hey croy

    have a read thru ledgardener.com to get:

    understanding of the basics
    how to calculate voltages
    how to design a build
    how to match drivers to your planned number of light emitters
    difference between COB and Quantum tech

    it's a great site and will both educate and walk you thru a few example builds. it focuses on a limited number of products, but the principles apply to all COB and chip tech that is available.

    you can do it yourself no problem.

    at present there are too many variables only you can know to provide a clear answer to your question.
    Old Salt
    Old Salt
    For a 3ft by 3ft tent you'll need 300 - 350 watts of LEDs, measured at the wall.

    Most LED grow light manufacturers run their LEDs at 20% to 30% of their rated power for better efficiency, and to make them last longer.

    The tools you'll need depend on the parts and how you want to mount them.

    I'd need the full specification of all the parts before I could design a light. I don't have the time available that I'd need to do a proper job.

    As a first guess, 25 of the BDT's could be connected in series, requiring 700mA at 75 - 85 VDC.
    Two of these sets of lights in series, can be connected in parallel so they'd require 1400mA at 75 - 85 VDC.
    If you connect both sets of lights in series, you'd nee 700mA at 150 - 170VDC.
    Interesting post Old Salt,cheers for the information
    Growing Area:​
    Grow Tents / Lights:​
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    GreenLeaf 2' X 4' X 7'-8' / DIY Eight COB Array
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    none / King X6 Dimmable 1800W COB LED​
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    switching to Mega Crop​
    Hay old salt,I’m a old salt too,been on container cargo and tankers longer than I’d like to admit,Retired now and sucken on uncle sams tit S.S.and my SIU pension I’m staying above the water line for now but who knows ?
    I started growing about 6 years ago inside I mean, I had a good first run and I was hooked for lack of a better word,not to pot,....but to growing it. Luv that s#@t arrrrr mate
    Hi Salt,quick question for ya.....after an 18 hour soak all five gelato seeds popped overnight,the blue berry is taking its sweet time,2 have popped in 4 days....question is,i have the seedlings under 3 60 watt equivelant led bulbs with the diffuser removed,i know its enough light at about 12 inches,but my worry is the spectrum....and the 2700k is this too red for seedlings??
    i didnt wanna blast them with the big leds yet,but i dont want them to stretch either.........thoughts??
    Hi salt,just wanted to ask,well first i just bought this tent in a local online auction,paid 50 bucks,its new...anyway, i thought it was 4x4 turns out its 2x4,so being smaller will 2x300 watt dual spectrum leds be enough??
    the tent itself even though smaller than anticipated will suit my needs
    i am only starting my plants and cloning a few.....
    then outside they go
    Old Salt
    Old Salt
    They may be too much. Give them a try, and turn them down or pull one if you see signs of light burn.
    Thank You OldSalt for Ur service,that's the first thing I want to say and sorry about Ur back pain.I to was on a regime of opiate medication and if that's not the Devil of a medication than I don't know what is.There is so much stigamitism with marijuana that it seriously has to stop today.It seems the world is starting to realize the great help marijuana does for people and how it just puts people in a better place.Again ty for Ur service and ty for helping me answer my questions I put up here.It very nice meeting U here.
    Husband, father, and grandfather. Retired Naval Electronics Technician. Retired Senior Systems and Network Administrator.

    I grew up in a very conservative home. Marijuana just wasn't consumed by my family. That extended through my military career, where I suffered a back injury. The injury led to chronic pain and was treated successfully with low doses of opioids. In 2017 I had a flare up requiring medication. My family physician stopped prescribing any controlled substances due to pressures exerted by Health Canada, and our provincial health authority. The hospital's emergency department does not prescribe medication, and sent me to my family physician. Walk-in clinics won't prescribe more than a few days worth. Living out of town, I was faced with a dilemma. The constant debilitating pain opened me up to any form of relief. Cannabis was suggested, and I investigated it as my last recourse. Here I am, almost a year later growing that devil weed.
    How can something that heals so many be reffered to as devils lettuce. Its God's cabbage :)
    Old Salt
    Old Salt
    The threat of two years less a day in military prison, followed by dishonorable release, and the balance of the military imposed prison term in a federal prison made it devil weed for over twenty years. One of my coworkers was sent away for a seed found in a jacket bought from the Salvation Army. In the military you are scrutinized much more closely than a civilian ever is, and punishments for infractions are much more severe.
    Guy Cavallero
    Guy Cavallero
    Lots of us here for the same reason Salt......our backs.
    Glad to see that the stigma is changing though. I even had my own doctor (chiropractor), ask me about CBD. She was being referred to a CBD specialist for her Crohns disease.
    On a side note, just finished up CMS Crown Royal. Love the endless 2-3" nugs she surrenders.....youre gonna love it!
    All the best.....just swinging through!
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