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    Who Wants To Be Sponsored By Blue Planet Nutrients?

    I'm down!! Told ya I might pop back up on here...
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    Fallen Cannabis Warrior - Jim Finnel aka User aka Jim Behr

    Go in peace old friend, you will be missed, but not forgotten. You're spirit will live on through us and the many lives you touched. It's been about a year since I've posted here, but this news brought me out, and made me realize how much I miss my 420 family. . Peace big brother, love...
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    GT's Ongoing Garden of Weeden - Keep It Simple Stupid!

    Helloooooo all my family here at 420MAG!! I have been one busy man last year or so!! We have a new addition to our family(Long amazing story about that to come), Started a great new job, been working hard on legalization here locally, and several other great things have happened.... Growing has...
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    GT's Ongoing Garden of Weeden - Keep It Simple Stupid!

    Maybe some updates soon..... And a looooong awesome story to tell! Peace and God bless!
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    The Best of the IRIE Garden

    Nice bro! Think seeing this has just inspired me to jump back in the mix here and share some things also.... to be continued....
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    Our Ongoing Grows

    Long Time Old Friends!! Hope All Is Well!!
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    Seeking News Hawks & Forum Moderators - Paid Positions

    Well, perfect timing I suppose, due to recent medical news, I may have to give up my other passion of carpentry, which means I can pour more of my soul into something you guys/gals know I have been passionate about for a very long time, cannabis awareness. I would be honored to work with ya'll...
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    Low Watts - High Yield - Let's Smash the 1 GPW Benchmark Together

    Damn shame, but most of us pros have ben there, including I . Be safe old.friend and keep in touch of you still remember the alternative way. Peace and God bless, GT
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    GT's Ongoing Garden of Weeden - Keep It Simple Stupid!

    Fruity Chronic Juice, Bubblelicious and NLxBig Bud got the chop last night. All were at 50% amber and the samples have been great so they were cut. I left the bottom 1/3 to 1/2 to let the popcorn buds fill out a little more and to le them reveg out. I will get them ready to become mothers and...
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    Our Ongoing Grows

    Haha, friggin neighbors sometimes!! I answered you in my journal brother....time to crash ,harvest time this weekend for a couple plants and gotta finish up a bathroom remodel and get paid.... Peace
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    GT's Ongoing Garden of Weeden - Keep It Simple Stupid!

    Yield was a 3/10, but I believe that was due to my fault, so I am running the same re-vegged again shortly... Now for taste and high I give it a solid 7-8 for the pungent/fruity/skunky awesome one of a kind taste. And I enjoyed the super mellow yet still able to function stone associated with...
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    Our Ongoing Grows

    Awesome brother!! And my BBG was great, just light on the yield side. I give that to my error though so I have her revegging right now and I'm gonna give it another shot. Peace and God bless brother, GT
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    GT's Ongoing Garden of Weeden - Keep It Simple Stupid!

    All plants but the WW and the Sour AK getting a 20 minute flush of tap water tonight. I'm looking for 11-12 weeks on them two, and the other ladies 9 which will be Sunday. I of course will do as the plants tell me, but those are my numbers anyway for those that covet the old "expected harvest...
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    GT's Ongoing Garden of Weeden - Keep It Simple Stupid!

    Would definitely consider swapping vacation spots with you! I would absolutely love to see Colorado!!!
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