• Woozer didn't realise you was 53 😳 see you not posted in a few years now and wanted to make sure you was still alive and kicking.

    It's all good though, you can't come to a place so full of love like this and not make a bunch more new friends...you just can't do it, unless your just a total douche to start with, lol :eye-roll:

    Peace gramps ✌️
    So today is my 51st B-Day and I still feel old...Imagine that. :hmmmm:

    I've been using Cannabis for 37 years now, so I guess that's what keeps me going? I don't know what I'd do if Cannabis weren't in my life, as I can't remember life without it.

    In 51 years, I've had more ups and downs than I care to count, but my beloved Cannabis has always been their to bring me back to my true self time and time again for whatever life has thrown at me, and I will always call on her, as she has always been my one consistent love and passion through it all.

    I'm certain that most everyone here can relate to what I'm saying, as you wouldn't be here either if you weren't passionate about our beloved Cannabis plant as well.

    My one true hope and prayer in this life is to see the end of Cannabis prohibition before I go to that big Canna-Garden in the sky, and I aim to push with every fiber of my being to see that day come, because it's something that I know in my heart of hearts is right and I will be passionate about it until the day I die...That I can promise you!

    As I take on the next days, months, years of my life, I'm sure the world will change to be an even more unrecognizable place, just as it's done in the past 51 years. My only hope is that's it's for the better and not for the worse.

    We can't predict the future, but we can certainly see the way things trend and the direction things seem to be going, and I can certainly see the positive direction our beloved Cannabis is heading, which warms my heart and brings a smile to my face every time I read and post an article that notes the positive direction we're heading with this wonderful God given gift, we all know and love as Cannabis.

    All my love and positive energy to everyone here at 420 Magazine, from my little piece of the universe to yours. :love:

    420 Warrior
    This is way out bro Dutch court bans pot for foreigners — RT
    Since ur the News Hawk, I thought it'd interest you.
    Thought you might be interested in this article.

    Obama to face regional push for drug legalization | McClatchy

    How come the news stations are ignoring this article in the Tribune? You and I know why it is just pathetic how the drug war is still going on.
    Here's a little article that might be of interest for medical marijuana advocates:
    Initiative endorsed by former two-term Republican Governor Gary Johnson | Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol
    You can probably find the full article somewhere else, but I'll leave that to the expert, thanks 420W for all your hard work!
    My pleasure brother, it's truly an honor to bring Cannabis awareness to the world, so we can bring these horrible laws to an end, once and for all! :)
    Just want to say thanks for doing such an amazing job with the News department, keep up the great work brother! Thank you so much, we are truly grateful.
    Thank you Brother Farmer for your service and for your dedication to the cause...your a true Cannabis Warrior my friend!
    DEA, IRS give local police 'holiday gift' from confiscated drug money - Inside Bay Area
    some news
    Gee, thank's guys :adore::thanks:

    I guess this is it? I'm officially a working member of the greatest, most friendly and compassionate Cannabis community on the internet and I couldn't be more happy to bring my passion into a brighter light by making sure we have the best source of positive Cannabis news available anywhere.

    I am truly humbled by this opportunity to bring Cannabis awareness to the masses and I will devote everything I have into our mission of ending the war on, not only ourselves but this remarkable and beautiful plant that we all love so much :Namaste:

    Again, thank you guys so much for believing in me, it's truly an honor :thanks:

    All my :love: to everyone here at :420:
    420 Warrior
    Welcome home brother, we are so happy and grateful to have you back with us, creating Cannabis awareness to the world. Sending you all my love and positive energy through the Universe. Namaste
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