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  • spike i figured you would know so i ask you to check out my thread on pests, plant problems and disease titled I NEED SOME ADVISE
    It is truly an honor to hear that from you. I am humbled by your words brother!! I've read your journal's for awhile before I joined, and you inspired me.
    after my move I would like to do more on here again as i really miss my grow buddies,
    sometimes life takes our full attn. to handle things.I'll be back- -as Arnold would say.
    good been getting back into the 420 site went on hiatus for alil bit had alot of work to do now im looking to write for this site hopefully
    hey how is it going i been gone a long while anything new one the site or anything changed?
    yes mine were a bit smaller. but the same as far as i could tell. a friend gave me the seeds that why i was wondering he didnt tell me what strain they were but ive been lookin for some since my harvest. so your were widow
    Hi Spike! Thank you for the kind words. I'm hanging in there and still hopeful one day I won't have to deal with epilepsy anymore. I hope all is well with you and your family. Take care, my friend. :hippy:
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