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  • Dude, can't say where he lives to general public, my Father-in-Law live about a mile into Wisconsin. WI isn't MM friendly, thus my predicament✌
    I was gonna say the same love the pic and appreciate the welcome!! Look forward to learning how to navigate this this first by adding my own profile pic! Also look fordward to all of the knowledge to be gained!!
    I am glad you are back. You were the one who welcomed me to the forum. Have a grand and festive winter celebration season! P.S. Love the profile pic.
    Wuzzup? Naa man, we all keep it cool, one monkey don't stop no

    Thanks my friend, keeping this place cool is what it's all about...:thanks::thumb::peace::Namaste:

    :peace:&:love: to ya my friend :Namaste:

    Hey wingman! I didnt even know anyone was still posting in my old thread, and i dont really remember but i dont think i ever saw any webs during that grow..

    also sorry to leave you hanging like i did, this just got real crazy around here real quick! but thats nothing new in this wonderful world we live in lol... anyways moving to RI has been temp. side tracked. sisters car broke down then caught on fire so allot of time and moneys been dropped into that.

    how are thing with the legal system? any good news yet?
    I am very happy to be part of the :420:family!! I had been on another fourm site and wasn't feeling the love but here is a different story for sure!!!:thanks:
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