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  • Re: Indoor/soil super lemon haze granithead journal 2010
    Hey man come check out my grow i messed up on the title but with any luck the grow will go better. :D
    I'm putting the tea to the test.
    sup preprodigy i noticed in one of your post that you originally from NE. I am as well, but not my choice.
    Yo Prodigy, whas good my dude? Hope all is well in ur neck of the woods! Slide thru my New journal dawg i need u dun son!!!!!!!
    Thanks! It turned out to be a local favorite. It is definitely in my permanent rotation. I got lucky with that one, I purchased a single female seed and that was the one I ended up with.
    Thanks bro! I've got some other cool mj pics I was thinking of rotating, but that one is my favorite! You're from here too? I'm so sorry... :rofl: I was born here, but am not really a fan. I think I'll be looking to relocate before too long. :thumb:
    Yoooooo my dude! Congratu-fukin-lations on ur plant of the month victory! Ill def put up a celebration smoke for u tonite lol. Keep up the good work bro,,,,,
    Yep.....I love it! There is a story that I am telling too, so that helps with the likes. It starts back at the front of my grow if you what to read it. Back when I was gangster in Greece. :circle-of-love:
    You talking about my celebration pipe? That piece was a prototype and only myself and Ziggy Marley had one but it is a full production now. I know the owner that makes these pipes. He makes them from rehashed volcanic rock you can buy them on line for about 90 bucks. I sell them here in Denver for 75.
    Thanks preprodigy and no worries we all get busy with life. Have a great Holidaze Season!!:party:
    Thanks for the kinds words and yes everything in my gallery is grown personally by me. I come from a very well known cannabis breeding family that have created many of the popular purple strains out there as well as the Original Blue Dream and many many others. This plant and the patients it helps are my passion and my life, that is why i feed strickly vegan diets to my girls. the only reason i haven't made any journals is 1. I hate the internet lol. and 2. I am just really busy most of the time healing people. but i will try to post a journal of my current grow which has a plethura of rare heirloom strains that will make anyone drool.
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