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  • no mate never started one just bin takin pics of the progress new to all this so just gettin with it its not my first grow never grew out commercial just a few plants
    alrite mate if you get a chance could you take a look at my gallary at my pics my plants are just in 3rd flower was wondering if there is anything im doin wrong , thanks for your time mate
    Hey just wanted to see if you checked out the May issue of High Times, the main topic is the top eight most potent strains on earth and they gave Chem Dawg the number 2 spot at 24% thc! There is a bunch of other info on its background and other cool stuff. Check it out if you haven't already.
    No problem, I wasn't sure if you had three green thing's before I did, I was wondering if I gave you your third, prob not lol. But yeah it's awesome that we can watch each others grow, weirdly enough we have encountered similar problems and were flowering at identical times :)
    it will be approved by a :420: community staff, or a moderator!!! no worries brotha!!! they will do it all for you!!!

    Praying for P-420
    I think about Josh all the time rest in peace your friend alway's MV...

    Don't know how you are but I wanted you to know, Josh was a very good friend of mine and I miss him... :adore:

    Greetings and :welcome: to 420Magazine… :high-five:
    MV... :rollit:
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