• art fog the Grapefruit Diesel is a little less time time in flowering,the BNC Diesel is 6 weeks in vegetation / 12 weeks in flowering is what is recommended but it some of the strongest tasting Diesel I have had... I just don't care for the long flowering time it get 5 ***** stars from me...:circle-of-love:

    Thank you for looking and stopping in... :Namaste:

    MV... :popcorn:
    I was just looking at you photo gallery and it is a amazing what a portfolio of photos. Very good work. I have a question also; 'How does BNC Diesel compare to the Grapefruit Diesel?' Happy Holidays
    I just couldn't think of a better way to have said it in less words, or even more for that fact... I applaud your energy!!!
    Brother... so glad to have you back, I did miss your posts while you were "out" and am looking forward to "morning wood" while looking at your most recent bud pron shots!
    Tell A.L I said "HEY GIRL"... cheers bro!
    Matanuska just wanted to thank you for all of your wonderful pictures and time you have spent over the years on this site.
    your Pictures are By FAR the most artistic on the site
    +reps to you my brother!
    Each State has its own laws on MMJ cards, so I would say NO your card is only good in the state that issued it...
    Hope this help you...

    How are you? Haven’t been on in awhile cause my ‘puter brain-farted harshly and as a result I couldn’t start the thing much less go onto the internet. Now the thing is working semi-O.K. and I have a question I’m hoping you can answer. do you know if alaska honors MMJ-cards from other states? If so then, I may take a trip to visit then in-laws in Washington state. My old doctor is there and it should be a breeze to get a card there compared to here in AK.
    the oldthumber
    Hey MV,

    Wasn't ignoring your PM, I don't have enough posts to reply yet! To answer your question: Yup! And several others. That's my other hobby!:)
    i used to browse this forum years ago, i joined in 06. I admired josh's story and his grows. hes looking down on us everyday and watching out for us. RIP
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