• Hey Steve, I know was gone for awhile. But i am back and my grow is up and running. Would love to have your advice along the way. Hope to see you there. Take care BUD.
    Your grows are quite epic! I saw that pineapple chunk, WOW, im growing out a couple mother plants now and I can only hope I get a pheno that looks as sexy as that one you grew did! very very nice!!
    Glad you noticed I've been stalking you. Stumbled across this forum and your threads by researching the Diamond Series LEDs. You and PG really know some stuff (or so it would seem). Opened my eyes to a load of new things, that's forsure! Much Respect.
    threshers, now that is a beautiful shark!! ive caught hammers, bulls, lemons, tigers, makos on a fly rod, and last but not least, FRESHWATER bulls!!! right here in the SE, fishing up river from the brackish waters.
    Thanks for the rep, and more importantly the sentiment with it. I really appreciate it! :thumb:
    Thanks for the reps, hope you are able to get some parts and follow along.
    Arduinos can be used for so many things. Brewing comes to mind.....they are even cheaper than a PID controller.
    Hey Steve......sorry to ask...but....I would love a copy of your spread sheet.
    Just the shell will do..I'll fill in the blanks. I just can't seem to set one up like yours. Thanks. OMM:love:
    Can't wait to see them in action! Your idea really has me itching for a hempy run... Now if only I can get my new room up and running...
    Hi my friend - thanks for the +rep. I don't mind the nute talk, 'twas great discussion. Hope you are well - X
    Thanks for the REPs! You pushed me over the next "hundred." Guess I don't get any more green boxes though, lol.

    If they grew long and thin, they must have been stretching for more light, try dropping the light down a bit closer. I have to add support to my branches because they get too heavy, most growers do. I use garden wire to support them, otherwise they would hang down too low and possibly snap.
    Hey Steve,
    I have a couple of Hydro Hut LEDs in tents ( I liked the idea of low heat). They seem to do pretty well, you don't have to water them as often, which turned into a problem...because they didn't need watering (bout once a week), heck I watered them anyway, with was too much....they grew up long and thinm and finally snapped under their own weight....now obviously I am no expert...ever heard of this?

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