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  • Hey hogdady are you still getting on 420? How are you keeping? All good I hope
    Hogdady, spoke to you some time back on using dolomite lime to control ph drop. I have been top dressing now for about 2 yrs and was thinking of mixing it directly into the soil this time and was wondering how much in a 5 gal pot. Hope you are doing well.
    Dude things are smoking in this part of the world. Plants are rolling over and the garden is expanding if that's possibly. Hope things are treating you good down your way. Stay Down
    I hear ya on that. I think I have close to 1,000 likes. I must have joined soon after the switch from reps to likes. I try to rep more than like, maybe it will catch back on.
    Hey hog,
    I was wondering if feminized seeds were exact replicas of there mothers(like a clone), or are they subjected to all the traits of their ancestors? I wanted to order super lemon haze seeds. Will they be identical? Or will they express genetic variation?
    I asked PITVIPER, he says that they will vary. What do you think?
    Do you think it has been cubed yet or is it a clone,feminized seed only F1 plant.
    If it hasn't been cubed yet, should I try to cube it with my C99 pollen or order super Silver haze regular seeds and select a male from that gene pool?
    Can u tell me what u think is the most"fun" variety is available today? .
    I love my sativas, they all seem to getting too introspective. Not the fun weed of yesteryear.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    It is definitely underused these days... I pass it out all the time anyways... I like it better than the likes but, the like has its place. Peeps are just a bit lazy I think... cheers bru!
    HEY HEY HEY... It's a message from Master... Hi there stranger, read the new journal of the Master's... I look forward to hearing your experience & knowledge!!!
    Much love deserves much love!!! Just a thank you for the input and incredibly intellectually stimulating convo!!!
    Hey Hogdady, I did not see this message until now sorry, I was not ignoring you. This is one of the books in my library, it is a bit technical but self explanatory. Plant-Associated Bacteria by Samuel S. Gnanamanickam is where I started and moved on from there. The one thing to look into most is the compost teas which are better than really any nutes I have tested thus far. I think starting off with the cch2o system will reduce your learning curve a bit and you will pioneer out from there. It is a pleasure to share with everyone here, I try to provide as much info as possible so people can learn.
    Yeah my sister and her family are up in Ferndale and they have tsunami warning sings everywhere but I think they only got a couple 3 footers. Thank God.
    I'm still waiting on a uc demo grow to go down at a shop here. Leaking pump put everything on hold. I think there still might be a used uc on ebay and it's in the Bay Area...Check the used hydroponics category.
    Keep it green Buddy!!
    Doin' well HD!
    Got some nice weather this weekend so I'm headin' to the store to find something for the grill :smokin: Been a while since I fired it up...time to get back in the groove!
    all well on the left coast?:roorrip:
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