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  • Sorry it took me almost a year to respond. I'm kinda slow ;-) Happy belated 420 to you too. Only two months to go for the next one ;-) Peace
    Thank you so much, Mr White! I apologize for my delay as of late, been busy with other doings. How are things on your end? I remember you saying you were waiting to go back home, are you on your way yet?
    Just noticed the comment you left (as a visitor message) for me. Thanks for the kind words, I really must have made an impression with whatever post you REPped. I honestly do not remember which post it was or what thread it was in. Please do NOT refresh my memory, though, because from your words I get the impression I might have... had to watch the boundary of the site guidelines so that I did not crash into it, lol. Or something. But I both got to feel good about myself (having that happen every once in a while doesn't hurt, I guess) and got to laugh. So thanks again!
    :thanks: for the reps brother! :thumb: And just for the record...your avatar/username is from one of my all-time favorite movies! :)
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