• Hey Woodsman just wanted to stop in and say Hi, I had alot going on in life and hadnt really been on here in ages and its niice to see atleast 1 or 2 old friends are left! Drop me a PM let me know how it goes these days! Ive been wishing you and all my old buddies on here the best now and always in the future.
    i dont know if i wrote u since i've been back but im starting an indoor grow, was wonderin if u could take a look at it and let me know what u think..and looks like u been doin good since i've been gone, from what i've seen u got some good shit goin on over there...thanks
    I enjoy reading your stuff Brother!! You make 420mag the place to hangout!! Keep on tokin my man!!
    Woodsman, there must be extra "funny-bones" in you. I bust a gut just about every time I read one of your posts. That kind of fun just doesn't come very often in this shit of a world. Thanks brother it makes a difference to all of us.
    High Woodsman, I'll check with the mods but haven't heard about this anywhere else.
    Can you do the full clear cache' run the antivirus and reboot thing ;)

    Maybe email me a screenshot if it persists to soniq420@420magazine.com
    I've never encountered stem borers here in ontario canada. they do some nasty damage tho! definitely id try them as a trout bait. lol.
    we get alot of problems from slugs, white flies, nymphs & grasshoppers. I spray Scoot to detour deer,bear, rabbits & moose away, and i dust a bug powder after a wet spray of scoot on the plant, it cakes to the leaves nicely, lasts up to a month or so on the plant, bugs hardly bother them.
    yup i love that bagseed 2 plant, shes purrty!

    the burmese kush oil is dynamite bro very unique flavor. I been doing some bottle tokes with it & from time to time I spread abit on a skin.
    the herb i have is purple kush. the mix of the kush with the oil kicks my face in!

    I have no journal going, i am fairly new to 42o. i was thinking of doing one for my mako haze LED cab grow & my outdoor grow, maybe next time tho.

    Thanks Bro! for the reps, comments & your awesome input.
    take it easy Woodsman!
    Sorry Woodsman.. I cant send a Pm, I have not enough posts!!

    anyways the mazar looks amazing!

    I have a few late flowers aswell out this year, some ed's superbud & a few mako haze, they're taking some time. the pistil production began mid to late august. I think they may be out there till the end of october.
    the ak47, purplekush & masterkush X earlygirl started pistil production end of july, preflowering during the first to second week of august.
    they're doing great lots of tight buds, colas are showing themselves nicely. they will be done by end of september hopefully, we get some cold temps in end of october to november.
    Whats up my ol friend, wanted to drop by and wish you well. I see you are a Tolkein enthusiast also the movies were great but the books are always better. Stay safe and keep up that fantastic journal:slide::goodluck:
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