• High ! Can the Blue Planet Nutrients be used with Fox Farms Ocean Forrest soil ? I've used Mega Crop for several grows now & they keep changing their product so I'm thinking of trying a new line of nutes. This would actually be the perfect time to change because I just cloned some Peyote Wi-Fi' s & I'm starting some seeds for Cherry on Top tomorrow. They wont need nutes for a couple weeks since they are in FFOF. So I would be interested in a 4 - 5 plant sponsored grow. The Veg would be done in a 5 x 5 tent with a Mars Hydro TSW 2000 & a TS 3000 light (750 watts total). The Flower gets done in a 4' x 7.5' grow/ Flower Room under 2 - 1000 watt HPS lights.
    If you look at my current journal you can see my set ups.
    Blue Planet Nutrients
    Blue Planet Nutrients
    There are hundreds of growers that have used FFOF soil in combination with BPN. FFOF is so hot that you will need to supplement very little with any nutrients the first 2-3 weeks and then start feeding very slowly starting at about 1/2 the recommended amount. As the nutrients are depleted in the FFOF, you can ramp up the nutes. But it’s critical to not over feed the first month when the plants are very small. Personally, I prefer a soil-less growing medium as you have more control over your grow and can modify your nutrient regimen much more easily.
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    Buds Buddy
    Buds Buddy
    I've done Coco & DWC also; but went back to soil as it's less work. And with soilless you have to be on top of things all the time because a Deficiency or Toxicity or pH Fluctuation can throw things for a loop pretty quickly. A lot less to worry about with soil. I can also leave for 3 days & not have much to worry about with soil.
    Yeah, they say FFOF is hot. I usually don't feed while in a solo cup. After the 1st up-pot I wait about 2 weeks to start feeding & start at 1/2 strength. I let the leaves tell me what the plant wants from there on.
    Heard a lot of great stuff about BPN from the 420 community and am deff looking forward to using them in my next grow!
    Hey folks, please email me at blueplanetnutrients@gmail.com if y'all have any questions. I don't get notifications when some posts a visitor message and I just realized that I have some that are aver a month old that I haven't responded to!
    Hey corey i was wondering do you adise flushing your nutes out before cloning i am having a probem with yellowing in my clones that i flushed prior to cutting clones you have already told me no nutes were needed in my aerocloner so check my grow and let me know what you think thanks also i need to order a gallon of prt B and your new additives any price quotes?
    My next grow i would like to start using BPN. What is your website PLEASE. Also what would be the top products to get? I would like to get Grow - Bloom and also root and enhancer additives Thanks
    Hi there, I have been looking over on your web page about shipping to the UK and it says it does but when i type my post code is says unable to??? would it be ok for me to pm you??? for help please.(Or if you like pm for details please) Thank you
    and how about a rooted clone starting flower nute level? should I use bloombooster to start or wait for a week or two?
    bubble cloner corey but keep loosing leaves and lots of yellowing and minimal rootos maybe ill just build a aero unit and for get this pos :thanks:
    hey corey im running to 2 part Max series with boosterand want and need some kind of,nutes in my cloner but ive heard N is bad for rooting if so what part should I add to my cloner and how mich a gal. also im going straight from clone to flower what level should I start at and trans or monster growth thanks man your the best.
    Hey Corey, hope all is well.I have discovered a thick layer of "sludge" in the bottoms of the farmers pride organics grow and bloom 1 gallon bottles. I discovered this upon emptying the bottles. I have no idea how long they have been like this. I have had them outside in a very cool and dry location in a box with the tops on tight. The plants have not grown as fast as I had hoped outside with the BPN. I think the sludge holds most of the nutrients. I filled the grow bottle with water half way and tried to shake it "loose" to aid separation but I cant shake it hard enough to get it loose, so I am letting it sit. .:peace::love:
    Just went to your web site and ordered my products. I have heard nothing but good things about your support and products. I look forward to working with you.
    When are you going to have products back in stock. How long of a back order do you have. I am ready to get the organic 7.
    Hey there,
    I am just starting out and think that soil is for me. I have my 1st grow going, chk my Journal and pics. I am using off the shelf soil and MG fert with Orchid bloom booster in flower, but would like to do my next grow with some top notch products. Can you give me some type of list of things that I would need or should have? I plan on at least another 4 but possibly six, and want to go with 3 or 5 gal pots, using 5 gal buckets at present. I have had some minor problems but think things are going well. I just think that it would be easier to get some support if I was using some known products. Please get back to me. My main concern with using your products is shipping cost, but could work something out to cover that. Disabled Vet Needs Good Meds, and Needs to Grow His Own. Get back with me when you get a chance.

    :thanks: :peace: out.
    Hello BPN representative, Heard a lot of positives about your product and service.
    I am interested to know what would be the best way for me to get in touch with BPN to discuss some questions I have about the nutes. I am in the market to buy nutes, but some specifics aren't clear yet. Please also advise if there are any discounts available for 420 members and which method of ordering I would have to use to take advantage of them.
    Appreciate your help
    Corey I got that tracking info thanks it should be here Monday :thanks::thanks::adore: so sub to my journal and check it out ill be switching asap how do you think I should switch? A good flush and just start on BPN or give them a few days watering and then switch? But for any info and the nutes:thumb:
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