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  • Thanks 12, I'll get with Ice on this, I looked into BP organic nutes, but didn't read much, looks like I may be able to just add to water, I can handle that, thanks again...lata bro
    12 whats Bro< I have read a lot of your post and have seen how well respected you are around these parts for good reason! so I was wondering if you could help me with a few things, or point me to a knowledgeable organic grower. I have some soll questions, but I'm rather sick right now and would like to get back to you once I know you have the time and I feel better LOL The first thing I'm looking for is a premixed soil, that I don't have to feed, I know subcool has a nice looking mix, but I just am not in the health to mix it right now, I thought of going Ocean Forest 40 light warrior 30 maybe some roots organic, I have to look at the ingredients to make sure I'm not adding something that is already there..some worm castings and a touch of extra bat poop, you think this sounds ok? I'd like to only add water but I worry about them getting hungry mid way through flower, but I could always add something at that point, cuz I wrote more than I thought I was going to! LOL
    thanks for reps Twelve12, cine one!! I know mate them pics in POTM are pretty crap, used another camera yesterday. O well If I come second i'll be well happy. Maybe get lucky another month if I put better pics on.
    Its cool man, like your style bro, very cleana nd put the time in, keep it up man.
    heya man, was just wondering if u had a link for a real good way of doing clones. i am taking them and using root riot plugs old school style. any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks
    hahaha i hope so then you breed her ass about a million tyms for the rest of us too haha j/k your labors your rewards , i was gonna ask if you have ever seen or heard of genetic drift is this common and can it be brought back...i ask cause i have weird bud formation after the frst strech the stems shoot and my calaxes get further apart rather then the bud swelling..ive been thnkin shes had her run so im tryin to introduce a new gene ...any advice
    No problemo, I'm doing 10hrs ON at the moment for flower..this weekend it goes down by 15min. So far so good 8~)
    Whats good T12!!!
    Just stopping by to let you know I have updated the BPN Army Blog with your correct usage!!! thanks again for the correction my brotha!!!

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