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  • The stretching could be from light distant being too far, or that it's hot in the grow room, lack of bloom nutrients, or genetic (if it does the same thing in your first run). If it's not the light or heat the bud formation is genetic. I weed them out it will not be worth the time and effort growing airy buds.
    Whats up buddy, got some pics of my durban posion up finally. Don't know how to get them on my page but there in the drooping leaves forum and also in the Photo galleries under member photos. Hope you check them out.
    Very interesting, might have to try out the super cropping. S R H is suburban record house, stoners reakin havoc, supporting radical habbits, etc etc... But its the kottonmouth kings record label.
    Whats up buddy? on my 3rd week of flower and everything is lookin beautiful. Did you start flower yet?
    :yahoo:fuc yeah man my grls are three feet tall and i topped them so there about ...well lets see..,drum rollllll 31 inches, im starting to flower prob. tomarrow ..:yummy:
    Doing great buddy. Started flowering a week ago, got my 8 durban poison ladies in a flood and drain, got 14inches of new growth in a week and a half. tallest is 26.5 inches. only 7 weeks left!!
    hey hi thx ,yeah it was so sad i went to home depot and this older gentalman " well im sure he was trying to talk " but his grandson ( in his 30's ) said sorry he has alztimers , so i told him sorry and tried to talk to the older man . its fucked up you can see the pain in his face from the frustration of knowing what you want to say but cant ..damn ..anyways thx for being a great asset to your patients and our cause.
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