Yocan Zen & Ziva Portable Vaporizers

Yocan Portable Vaporizer
Photo: Lady Cannafan

Are you ready for a budget conscious and powerful choice in a portable vaporizer? Stop spending way too much money for portability and satisfying results. Yocan has your back with these two user friendly, inexpensive and exceptional portable vaporizers for the casual user on the go. Let’s look at the features of these two amazing devices.

When I unpacked these vaporizers, I just couldn’t wait to get started. They are beautiful in design, fit well and discreetly in the hands and are easy to pocket when not in use. They are sturdy when setting them down on a flat surface, which is an important feature in a portable vaporizer for me. They included everything I needed to get started.

Yocan Zen & Ziva vaporizer
Phot: Lady Cannafan

Let’s first talk about the Yocan Zen. This is a wax vaporizer, you should not use oils or dry herb in this unit. However, it is 510 cartridge compatible for other liquids. The overall size is 14.2*121mm and the weight is 43.5 grams.

One of the great features of the Zen is magnetic connections, making them unique in the market. One of those is a magnetic mouthpiece. You don’t have to unscrew anything to fill your vaporizer, just lift the mouthpiece off, and when finished it is held in place magnetically. How easy is that? Nice feature! Having magnetic links ensure that not only can you easily separate the parts of your device, but also that you will not have components that will wear out eventually. Dabbing your favorite wax concentrates and reaping the benefits is easier compared to vaporizers with threaded connections, and the magnetic links offered by the Yocan Zen Wax Vaporizer will not get loose over time.

The Zen comes with an extra coil, so if one is in cleaning mode or you lose one by some chance, you have a back up to make use of. There are a variety of colors available for your personal preference, all of them sleek and pleasing to the eye.

Yocan Zen Wax Vaporizer
Photo: Lady Cannafan

It has a 650MAH battery, a Type-C charging port with included Type-C USB charging cable, 4 cotton swabs for cleaning, a pick tool, one additional C4-DE coil, and an instruction guide. The coils are threaded and 510 compatible. Everything you need to get started is in the box.

It takes about 1 1/2 hours to fully charge the unit. It has a 30S safety cut-off protection.
The first day of full charge, I used the vape several times. The charge lasted the full day without any problem. I set it to charge overnight just to be sure it was fully charged for the next use.

Yocan has an advanced heating coil technology called C4-De Coil that puts them far above the rest. C4-DE stands for ceramic and diatomaceous earth coil, which compared to traditional heating elements, can deliver your favorite extracts in as fast as three seconds with pure flavors for an unparalleled vaping experience. This allows it to keep the terpene and flavor profile of the flower, which gives you what you expect, a tasty and enjoyable experience. This makes for more efficient use of your concentrate. According to Yocan, its advanced C4-DE coils are made using advanced ceramic and food-grade diatomaceous earth, which ensures superior results every time you fire up your vaporizer.

Those who have been vaping for a while now know that the heating element known for delivering pure and flavorful cloud production are ceramics. However, the typical ceramic coil will take longer to heat as ceramic in itself is an inert material. Nevertheless, it is ceramic’s low and slow heating capabilities that allow it to produce the vapors it has been known for. With Yocan’s C4-DE coils, you can still enjoy the vapor quality you can get from using pure ceramic heating elements without having to wait longer. I found it heated up pretty quickly in my testing.

The Zen is a Durable Daily Driver due in part to its stainless steel housing, which means it’s going to last for a very long time. It is very lightweight and easy to pocket. Unlike others that have plastic housings or other types of metal, the Zen will last long longer and keep it’s beauty.

Yocan Zen also features a variable voltage settings of 2.8V / 3.2V / 3.6V. This allows you choose your most comfortable sessions fit to your personal needs. The voltage settings affect the vapor production and flavor of the cartridges. The higher voltage (3.6V) produces more Cloudy vapor, but the lower voltages preserve more of the flavor and terpenes. Once charged and ready, you push the power button 5 times for on/off. And like all Yocan vaporizers, the voltage levels offered by the Yocan Zen Wax Vaporizer are represented by three light modes. White means you’re running 2.8 volts, green is 3.2 volts, while red is 3.6 volts.

The lowest temperature is rated at 2.8 volts and is perfect for light and runny extracts. This same temperature profile is also best for producing thin wisps of clouds that are packed with flavor. Meanwhile, the middle temperature setting is pegged at 3.2 volts and is great for experiencing a bit of flavor with a dash of potency. Finally, the last voltage setting is rated at 3.6 volts and can extract the more potent active ingredients from your wax concentrates. Similarly, the hottest voltage level can produce some substantial plumes of vapor that can mimic the same viscosity as real smoke. Through the said voltage levels, you can choose whether you want light and smooth sessions or ones that will knock you off your shoes, according to Yocan.

I tested all three voltage choices with my own wax from White Widow XXL strain, and found the middle ground of 3.2V to be a perfect smooth and soft vapor fit for me. I made sure the wax was placed on the ceramic element, not along the sides or top of the chamber so the product would be heated evenly. The taste was delivered well. I did a slow sip and chased that beautiful cloud to get every bit of it. It hit pretty quickly. When I tried the highest voltage setting I was surprised at how milky white and voluminous the plume was. The C4-DE coil seemed to heat up evenly, there was nothing hot going on with my mouth or the feel of the unit. It was pure pleasure to experience after a long and busy day. Was it good enough to sip again?…Yes. I sipped again several times.

Now let’s look at Yocan Ziva.

Yocan Ziva Portable Vaporizer
Photo: Lady Cannafan

The Ziva features are:

  • 650mAh Battery Capacity
  • USB Type-C Charging Technology
  • Aluminum Alloy Body with a diameter of ≤14mm and height ≤62mm
  • Magnetic Connection
  • LED Light Indicator
  • Auto draw activated
  • 3 voltage levels 2.6v / 3.2v / 3.8v
  • 510 thread fits up to 2g carts
  • Pre-heat 2 clicks
  • 15S cut-off protection

Yocan Ziva smart vaporizer mod is a perfect vessel for all of your 510 thread carts. The easily concealed design ensures that it remains inconspicuous in most situations, keeping your vape experience low-profile and discreetly enjoyable. It comes in a wide array of colors. When I was using this, it could not be seen in my hand unless someone was really looking for it. The mouth piece is comfortable and the draw from it is easy.

The Ziva body and base feature a robust magnetic connection, enables effortless and swift disassembly and reassembly. Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to convenience. Just lift off the top, and replace or screw in your cartridge. The overall body is crafted from premium aluminum alloy, which not only makes the device exceptionally lightweight but also guarantees unmatched durability.

Ziva is an auto draw vaporizer, designed with an airflow sensing that ensures seamless vaping action. With only a ten second heat up time, and just a few gentle sips, you can effortlessly indulge in your vaping session. And the strong anti-interference capabilities provides a reliable and uninterrupted vaping experience.

I really enjoyed the Ziva for portability because of the compact design, it’s light weight, and the magnetic feature. It has found a permanent home in my backpack while I’m out taking nature photos or hiking around the property. The battery held a nice charge, after several uses the first couple of days, it was still going strong. This is perfect for casual users.

I dropped both of these in my shirt pocket and you could not see them, they were out of view just below the top of the pocket. They easily fit into pants pockets. My pockets were pretty tight, so it took a little practice to remember not to pull out the Zen by the cap because it was magnetic. After a couple of times, it became automatic to grab it below the mouth piece. Once that coil is installed the mouth piece stays there. It does not fall off or get jarred off. The magnetic feature and the innovative C4-DE coil design are definitely plus additions for making a decision on a portable vaporizer.

These two vaporizers are so easy to use and clean, that I would recommend them highly to first time users. I loaned them out to a friend and she was surprised at the appearance of durability and solid build for something at that budget friendly pricing. She enjoyed using them and plans to place an order soon. I was quite pleased with both of these portable vapes. It was a pleasure to test and enjoy them. Yocan remains a front runner with their innovation and design.

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With Yocan you can always expect the best experience with your vaporizing sessions, and at the most affordable price.

420 Magazine Product Review By: Lady Cannafan

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