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  • Well after a long time absent from the platform I'm back, still ill but I'm back :)

    Currently have two test plants in both at day 75 of flower hoping to harvest around day 80.

    Northern Lights & Legendary O.G Punch both from Royal Queen.

    In a 90x60x90 under 150w Led From Mars (1 tsl2000 panel dimmed to 150w).

    Grown in Coco/perlite, Fed with Canna Nutrients and Planted in 4-5L pots (6" sqr).

    I cut the time down to 11H a little over a week ago and have today put them at 10 to simulate darkness coming in sooner hoping to speed what ever growth is left to finish off.
    Not sure if this help
    Not sure how long the link will stay here.
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    Thanks buddy I'm still debating which way to go around this as I'm going to have to convert to vaping for my health as well as making it last that little bit longer.

    Thanks so much for the link!
    Well I'm delighted to say my garden has got some serious flavours to play with this year and I really can't wait to find some quality flavours, my possible plan is to create individual scrog frames and run these first mothers so not only to find the best pheno but also to find out how each of them react to scrog setups.

    Crystal Candy F1 - Sweet Seeds
    Rainbowcake S1 - Pheno Finders
    Sherbet S1 - Sweet Seeds
    Simple Wedding Cake - Pheno Finders
    Strawberry Kush - Sensi Seeds
    Sugar Black Rose - Delicious Seeds
    Sugar Cane - In-House Genetics
    Tropicanna Poison F1 - Sweet Seeds
    Every time I log in to this account there's always some that seem to bring negativity and arguments.

    Really don't have the time for those but it for sure makes you not want to visit certain threads :passitleft:
    Well I hope everyone is happy and healthy on this early Monday morning ☺

    Currently in the garden this week we have:

    3 Big Nugs Fast Flower Day 47
    ⚪ 3 Sugar Cane Seedlings
    4 Tropicanna Poison Seedlings

    Plan is to scrog both seedling strains in a 4x3 then take clones from the main stems when I top them and also scrog those clones and so on till we find a tasty pheno from each :drool:
    Well here's to round 3146826 of trying to grow cannabis and not bud rot :rofl:

    Turns out the house has got a severe damp problem and has been hitting 80% where tents have been so I'm hoping now I know I can take extra measurements, like a 50k sqr meter dehumidifier :laugh:
    So, what a week, month, year :(

    Humidity is a real heart breaker but we'll get there in the end, maybe a week 7 harvest could be on the cards but I've brought some nice news.

    So I'm here with the age old flushing news :laugh: so I've changed to organic nutrients as I have loads available, I chopped the White Widow down at 5.5 weeks and obviously it was still being fed max organic nutrients and the ash is really white and semi smooth, yet the other White Widow (The Mother) was very poor with dark ash like coal which was fed with chemical nutrients at pretty much 1/3rd recommended so nothing really, so.

    I'm still out for debate on the whole flush still but knowing I can get this white of ash and keep feeding while harvesting will do me nicely.
    4x3 Tent, 6"x600mm carbon filter, 2 fans, 10 dehumidifier bags and 2 dehumidifiers, 1 main intake that sits in the middle of the canopy blowing through and yet I can't get below 80%.

    This right here is beyond unimaginable, don't ever think you suffer from humidity until you've seen my setups.

    My problems were heat. I had almost the same set up and I finally just scrapped the tent. 120 down the toilet.

    But... Everything is great now ... If you can use a room instead of a tent pull the trigger less headaches.
    Open room growing for me only in doors more air flow plus when humidity does go up outside i close doors and start dehumidifier and that works fine.
    I harvested one of my tents today at 5.5 weeks and it was either harvest or buy bin bags, buds were huge if I could have controlled the humidity but again I'm not winning.

    Quite emotional beyond belief the amount of rot I've had throughout my growing history.
    Guess who's got Bud Rot again, that's right it's me :laugh:

    Somethings not right here :laugh:
    Hey man, do you know what Vader’s channel on discord is?
    Hello buddy, yeah sure I will try get a link to send you buddy.
    Hello HigherTheHigh. I have seen on another journal that the guy Cultivator is on instagram. Would you mind telling me what his IG name is? Thank you sir
    Cultivator420new :)
    The New Royal Queen Seeds Strains look like contenders!
    Which ones are you eyeing, if you don't mind me asking?
    I'm looking at the Sweet ZZ as I have grown the photoperiod version and it was a great sucess, Fat Banana and the Hulkberry I'd like to try them for sure and a Sweet Skunk to round it off to 4 plants, the Sweet Skunk was the first auto I grew and the high was amazing, I always remember being that high laid on my bed with my eyes shut thinking I was walking down New York City with all the lights, amazing!
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