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Unfortunately, LED re-sellers have the worst reputation in our industry for spamming, stealing customers from each other, pretending to be members offering fake reviews and even stealing each other's identities. This forced us to develop strict guidelines for LED re-sellers and their sponsored growers, to avoid being victimized by unethical business practices. Please read the guidelines below, before posting on our website.

1. Sponsored LED Journals: Please refrain from posting in other LED sponsored grow journals and threads started by other LED sponsors, unless you are invited by the sponsor or the grower themselves. This is viewed as cross advertising and fishing for customers, especially when someone forgets to turn off their signature. Forums like Grow Lighting and FAQ's are fine, however sponsored grow journals and threads started by other sponsors are not.

2. Grow Journal Promoting: Please wait for people to ask about your lights instead of promoting them to growers in journals who are currently using a different technology. We understand you want to promote to these potential customers, however in the past some sponsors have gone overboard and ruined it for everyone. Grow journals are each member's private place within this website and non solicited offers can come across as an invasion of privacy.

3. Sponsored Grow Journal Offers: Please do not ask our members to post journals anywhere but on our website, as doing so would be a violation of our agreement.

4. User Profile: To limit aggressive promoting and/or spamming, only one account per sponsor is allowed. If everyone leaves due to spam, there will be nobody left to sell anything to.

5. Language: All public correspondences on our website must be spoken in proper English. If someone is unable to understand what you are saying, it can cause negative reactions from annoyed members who view it as spam.

We appreciate your help keeping our website free of spam/drama and wish you well in your journey of co-existence within our community. Failure to comply with the above guidelines will result in being restricted to your own threads. Second warning will result in revocation of your posting privileges. Third time will result in removing ad campaigns and severing our agreement.

Although we vet potential sponsors and seek only to work with those with a record for reliable products and good customer service, 420 Magazine makes no warranties or representations of any kind concerning the specifications, performance, safety or any other aspect of LED units advertised on its website.

If we receive complaints concerning a sponsor's actions, we will investigate to the best of our resource capability. If a sponsor is shown to have failed to deliver their product or service other than represented, or if they repeatedly spam threads, use inappropriate language, go beyond the four corners of the sponsorship agreement or in any other way repeatedly infringe guidelines, 420 Magazine reserves the right to restrict posting privileges and/or suspend and/or cancel the sponsorship agreement.

All 420 Magazine sponsors are required to represent and warrant in writing that they will abide by US law; however, members are hereby reminded of their responsibility to perform their own due diligence before making any purchases as 420 Magazine is not responsible for the veracity of a sponsor's claims or legal standing. 420 Magazine is not a party to any transaction between a sponsor and member and will not become a party to a transaction. Members and Sponsors act as their own agents.

Please feel free to contact support@420magazine.com with any questions.

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