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  • I really want to shout out to @Delps8 for his very informative post on measuring LUX and his PAR conversion charts. I learned the conversion factor for my Viparspectra XS 2500 Pro is 0.0145! I now have a fairly accurate way to measure the light falling on my plants!!
    Day 17 for the Gorilla Cookies and Purple Banana Punch autos from Fastbuds.
    It is finally the weekend and I have some time to review the week in the tent and tell you about it.
    Things that happened to my grow this week:
    -At day 8-10 the seedlings definitely had some transplant shock, I got lots of advice from friends here, thanks! They had some leaf curl and yellowing as you can see form last weeks post.
    -The issues I focused on were 1)light intensity, 2) moisture level, 3) Ph of the water.
    -The seedlings are now adjusted and looking happy in their 5 Gal pots with Build A Soil Light formula.
    -I used resources from this website to research how to use my LUX meter and convert it to PAR and now have the seedlings in early veg under 400 PAR.
    -Many of the friends here were concerned about my water Ph which is about 7-7.5 out of my tap.
    -Im working on getting the water to ~6-6.5 range but damn every time I get close I seem to overshoot the dosage of PHdown or Up and im getting impatient! I still dont have Ideal Ph so Ill probably research more about best way to adjust.
    -My plan for the next week is to gradually increase to 500 par
    -I plan to LST at end of week when the plant has 4-5 good nodes. Ill use the bend the stalk over and pin it down method with some leaf tucking to expose the new branches.
    Thanks to everyone who interacted on my questions and offered advice. This is really helping me work out my system!


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    Here is what they looked like 24 hrs after I transplanted to 5 gal fabric pots. I think I gave them a little too much light. As seedlings they were under a plastic dome. I believe this softened the light intensity, and when I used similar light without the dome it was too much.
    Im looking for an opinion. My intent was to grow these three babies in 5 gal cloth pots, in Build A Soil light formula. Im trying to decide whether to use grow dots, or just water in the nutes as needed. I also just learned about SIPs here on the site and they look very interesting. SIPs with grow dots looks like a fine combination, but then Im wondering which soil/medium is best. So many choices!!
    Also my seedlings are currently under a humidity dome with ~200 par light. I never know when to ditch the dome and if I should at all. Any thoughts?
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    Papa OG
    Papa OG
    Lots of opinions and Information here!

    What's your experience?

    We all definitely want an easy grow. I'm a firm believer of kiss.

    Keep it simple stupid.

    Cause if it can happen it will, to me anyways.

    I prefer dirt growing, the other scares me a bit. But lots of users here have great success.

    The sip is on the up and up tho!
    @Stonecrusher I just started a grow journal for my first SIP grow. I’m new to the game in general so feel free to tag along and learn at my expense hahaha. Much like @OGpapa if it can happen, it will most certainly happen to me!

    Here is a Link to my grow journal.
    I turned up the light and my sprouts seem to be reacting well by growing leaves and not stretching as much, but ill know better in a day or two. I also moved them to an unobstructed area under the dome, where the plastic has no vents or other features that block light. Still planning to keep them in Solo cup for at least a week, then to final 5 Gal fabric pots.

    Thanks for checking in so readily. With all the competing information out there it can be difficult to just make a damn decision and go with it. I look forward to following Ke0ncp and see how the SIP grow goes.
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