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    Patient's Grows

    I don’t say that definitively as one in the position to know or prove by science about microbes surviving totally dry soil but just like real growers recharge - it’s a packet of dry powder. Add water and get the tiny herd moving on processing nutes in soil... so yeah! Makes one puff and ponder...
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    Patient's Grows

    pure anecdotal, and I know you said bone dry but if there’s any moisture in that soil or at the top of the storage tub or inside of the barrel lid then herd should be fine but now here’s some more food for thought if microbes azos & myco can live in dry powdered form in a package then it should...
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    CO2 setups: What do you guys recommend? I need something easy to use!

    I’m open for ideas and tinkering of all sorts & SoG’s direct recirc sounds easy enough but what I meant was storing large amounts would probably need compression which means pumps & valves etc
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    Sweet Seeds® Presentation at 420 Magazine® Forums

    Thanks for being a sponsor! Your Red Poison looks like the bomb... Quick question- is there a way for US based seed enthusiasts to take advantage of the 25 or 100 count packs? The bulk packs look cost more effective, I guess that price may vary depending on exchange rates from euros to US dollars?
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    Trala’s Tent

    Sweet video!! Couple thoughts come to mind... here we buy 2 sided yellow sticky cards from grow shop or online sources, most garden pests are naturally attracted to the color yellow and get stuck on adhesive. Ours come in 2 sizes index cards or 9 X 11 for economy I buy the large ones and cut...
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    CO2 setups: What do you guys recommend? I need something easy to use!

    im treading lightly here but one of the former members who shall remain unnamed was in the hb crew and ran co2, he never revealed harvests amounts but his stuff always looked like perfection, dense thick colas glistening with powdered sugar, he ran co2 burner placed above the garden but you...
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    Benchtop centrifuge for concentrates?

    question best answered by @zeroday
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    Which Runtz Cannabis Strain Is Worth Trying? Win Runtz Muffin: 2 Prizes!

    sign me up.... don’t be a dunce - please try runtz, come on peeps - bonus points for humor!
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    First Full Flower Tent

    Whoa Nelly that looks like fire!! Congrats on the GG and the Wedding Cake is none too shabby - I’d hit that.... Apologies I’ve been circling the drain....never tested ec or ppm. Last check from my well netted me 5.8 and after adding my stout MSA silica stirring it paint paddle drill but and...
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    Is this the start of some sort of deficiency?

    No worries - Roger that!
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    Is this the start of some sort of deficiency?

    Excellent thanks for filling in the details! You know coco is totally inert, you’ve got to bottle feed everything. I don’t know if AN nutes include calcium & magnesium, most nutes just deliver the NPK but not the cal-mag. From all I’ve seen here cal-mag is a requirement for coco mediums, check...
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    Nutty & His Antics

    I studied at the University of Arkansas.... as in our former president clinton. Unlike Bill... I smoked and I inhaled but I zoomed and I didn’t count but just by eyeballing that tub as is - looks about hundy thirteen...Also - I hope your biopsy is smooth Nutty, sending thoughts and prayers too...
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    I have a little leaf problem: Help

    S’up Herby - never tried the armor si but I use stout MSA monosilica acid if I spelled it right anyway the stout is just a clear to white liquid with no detectable grit or particles
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