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  5. Aaron Quix

    The Atmos Boss - A Review By Aaron Quix

    Although a bit large for pocket carry and concealment, I'd go as far as to say that the Atmos Boss is my favorite dry herb portable vaporizer to date. Firstly, it does still fit in the pocket, even wearing pants that aren't baggy. Secondly, and most importantly, it produces a very high...
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  9. Aaron Quix

    Special Thanks & Please Welcome Ron Strider, Our News Moderator

    Re: Special Thanks & Please Welcome Ron Strider, Our News Moderator! Welcome Ron!:welcome:
  10. Aaron Quix

    420 Magazine's Grow Journal of the Month: April 2017

    Congratulations on the win Radogast! Well deserved!:high-five:
  11. Aaron Quix

    Fallen Cannabis Warrior: Jimmy Parker aka OldMedMan

    It's really nice to see some old faces come out of the woodwork to honor Jim. Just seeing posts from Woodsman, Wingman420, Happy Kitty and others brings back VERY fond memories and a sense of nostalgia for me. It's also a very strong reminder of how tight-knit this community was, and still is...
  12. Aaron Quix

    Bud Master Blue Moon LED & Blue Dream

    re: Blue Moon LED & Blue Dream Crazy times everyone, but here are some shots of what is happening lately.
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