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    The Mega Crop Thread

    First try at MC in soil. My auto flowering strains have huge trunks and ridiculous growth for autos. I've running one White Widow, one Northern Lights and one Zkittles, all autos, just MC. The zkittles is now at four feet (and grew up in between the lights), twice what I was expecting, all three...
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    It's Kushmas At The Vault

    Sweet seeds for their consistent quality, and for giving us Dark Devil, love Sweet Seeds!
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    Dem proposal

    I don't disagree. It seems like all these small proposals are skirting around that issue, and trying to elbow their way in where they can, but to be honest all it takes is re-scheduling it out of Schedule I hell.
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    Dem proposal

    Check out the electrical usage factoid in there. Interesting take on all this.
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    Warren trying to help

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    Tajikistani Hash: Indoor Grow

    Second clones at almost three feet now. Hard to get a decent shot but here's one for the journal anyway.
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    Tajikistani Hash: Indoor Grow

    We have seeds!
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    Dark Devil Auto: A Community Grow Record

    Dark Devil cured 4 months. New jar...
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    Dark Devil Auto: A Community Grow Record

    Stone Otter, I had the same issues with earthworm compost/soil. My entire second batch of autos decided to stall out once the roots hit the compost areas. I ended up repotting them all into a different mix. I'm thinking I'll be mixing mushroom or earthworm compost into a bin and letting the mix...
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    Tajikistani Hash: Indoor Grow

    Update: Two gals with seeds moved into a window, give them further incentive to finish ripening with our short days. Two clones from those gals have been getting Megacrop since second week after cutting. They have grown 18" in two weeks. Hard to get a good shot. Note: I've given everyone in my...
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    Hello! Cloning advice?

    :welcome: They look fine for their age. Keep on!
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    Landrace Genetics 101

    Update on my Taj hash: Two girls making seeds, just defoliated a bit, probably another week or so before they mature. Second set of clones were tiny so I repotted and put them on Megacrop, whew what a difference in two weeks. Really setting out branches now.
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    Tajikistani Hash: Indoor Grow

    The second set of clones above, who were pretty scrawny, after two weeks of Megacrop. Really putting on the green, lots of side branching, and very little stretching. Go Megacrop.
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    New to forum

    :welcome: :yummy:
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    Hello Everyone

    Actually I did top that one. I thought it might be a virus, it looks very much like an aster type virus, but I was never sure. It's possible the cut left it open to infection, but it was indoors so I doubt it. I think perhaps just a genetic issue? Just hoping I don't see it again in future.
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