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    New cbd law requirements

    In February a Wis cbd law will be voted on, What restriction or conditions can be used to qualify for the medicine ?
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    Crop King Seeds Originals - White Widow - Blueberry - Journal

    CK is my Bank, watching close for your results, super interested.
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    cloning auto's

    Can an auto flower be cloned successfully, or must cloning be done while the plant is in the veg. state only. Some advice here would be appreciated.
  4. cjkstone

    cloning auto's

    I am interested in some feedback on cloning Auto-flowers, Does the plant need to be in the veg. state to be cloned, I 've looked for a U-Tube tutorial with no success,
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    cloning auto's

    First of all, can you successfully clone auto flowers? Does anybody have any experience in this area? or Can cloning only be down while the plant is in the vegetative state?
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    Swag/brick beans to nuggets

    Old brick weed swag beans of unknown origin.were used in this practice grow, indoor and out. Is there a chance they might produce a quality nugget ? The plants grew extremely well, and now only time will tell, Sorry for that i couldn't resist the little dittle. :peace:out :
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    Nutrients & Fertilizers

    Thanks Ricorico for pointing the direction. Let it be written, Let it be done
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    Nutrients & Fertilizers

    Thanks guys , the tropical tanks are not salt water tanks, there just heated for certain tropical fish, I do use or treat all the tanks with aquarium salt on water changes, three of the tanks are high ph, a natural condition of are tap water no ph down has ever worked with these tanks, but i...
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    Nutrients & Fertilizers

    Could aquarium waste water be used in my indoor gro. I have 1 cold fresh water tank and 3 heated tropical's. I do frequent water changes . I add aquarium salt, and only use organic treatments. I thought maybe this water could be used. Thirsting for knowledge :peace: out
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    First time caller, Thanks for having me

    just thirsting for knowledge :peace:Out
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    Nutrient/ fertilizer

    1 tank is a cold fresh water ,3 are regular tropical heated tanks, i should have made that distinction in the first post,
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    Nutrient/ fertilizer

    I have multiple aquariums , besides sea salt I don't treat the tanks with any type of chems that are not organic, i have unlimited amounts of tank waste water, can this be safely used for watering my indoor grow ? :peace:out
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