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    ON: Nurses Won't Give Cannabis Oil To Son Who Suffers Seizures, Toronto Mom Says

    It damn near CURES seizures. Kick them in the gonads until they shut up. And get another doctor even if you have to get 20. They hate being stood up. And if everybody keeps doing it they change their policies quicker. Plus move to another state and quickly if you can. The state will cave in...
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    California Lawmakers Scramble To Fix Marijuana Law Mistake

    that's what all the jump and fuss is about.. thanks for explaining it.
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    New California Laws - Good/Bad/Ugly?

    Does anyone know who we contact to find out where the yes zones are. They are going to have no zones and I am waiting now to buy land. I need delivery/grow yes... anyone? Apparently Guadeloupe is a no zone. And whats the value of the grow card. I am supposed to renew by the first or the doc...
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    How To Know When To Harvest

    actually reading the reviews in amazon for the 100X microscope they wanted to or did easily see it lol.
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    Comment by 'conwayakers' in media 'IMG_20150806_160436'

    <p>Leafly the pig did a good job. harvested 2,000+ seeds of really great green crack. I manged to save one large applesauce jar of pinched flat buds. finger licking good.</p> <p>That pretty little baby in the big pot never did better than 9" with less than 100 seeds and...
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    Help! Question over storing seeds

    Okay, so I am yielding seeds right now and I want to know how best to store them and how long will they remain good. Can I refrigerate them? Or more like should I? Dark storage? I don't plan on getting to use them myself for a year. Still saving and waiting to buy land. help!?
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    Pollen - How To Collect It And Use It

    GREAT answer! thanks!
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    Pollen - How To Collect It And Use It

    thank you so much for the answer,, that's what I thought when I cut it down early. Then I been kicking myself wondering because the male was OG and I only have one more seed left. Thank you so much. lucky me I will have 1000+ really good greencrack seeds from this.
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    <p>Leafly the pig. He is on greencrack. She must be a cup winner because she has been very sweet/strong since day one. He is a honker.</p>
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    <p>unfortunately she didn\'t measure up to my expectations. this is 2 1/2 month old clone pictured. She has 1 1/2 left to go and not another 3" but she is pregnat and very pretty. I was sure she is a star like in that movie "Children of Men&quot...
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    Pollen - How To Collect It And Use It

    I also noticed I am making every mistake there can be,, it must be the thing for new people.. me too. Well except for the "weed guru" youtube star with the entire devastarvation collection in one playlist on his first run..
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    Pollen - How To Collect It And Use It

    so my update is,, I needed room and didn't hear back from anyone on the male. I forgot I was going to watch him for seeds. It didn't ever look like he was making anything other than pollin and I forgot about waiting,, so I chopped him down and save all his man parts. Pollen and petals I don't...
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    Pollen - How To Collect It And Use It

    I was wondering if I had a crop and maybe took some choice girls outside and pollinated them up good and kept them out for two weeks if they could be placed back inside with the rest without upsetting the bunch. maybe hose them off good the last week. I am not ready to try it but has anyone?
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    Pollen - How To Collect It And Use It

    Okay this is the most I have read so far,, and I have Ed's book and Jorge's,, so then I am still looking for land and only learning here on what was five plants. I had fully intended on breeding seeds (later) but my OG went male. (every strain here is different) So I haphazardly collected the...
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    My Mossy question

    Re: My Mossy... question thanks bro your queued up in my amazon after reading your reviews. It only took the first one. Hope to see you out there some day, maybe sell you some cars.. LOL
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