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    420 Magazine's Photo of the Month: February 2021

    Last minute entry - DDA Doobie! This stuff is pure perfume...
  2. DDA Doobie

    DDA Doobie

  3. Stonedhenge


  4. CrazyChef

    420 Magazine's Photo of the Month: January 2021

    Made some dry ice hash today, and decided to have a little fun with it. Ended up with 51.4 grams.
  5. CrazyChef

    Made Some Dry Ice Hash Today

    Made some dry ice hash today. Still have to roll it into balls or slabs.
  6. 20210106_160724.jpg


    Mostly sugar leaves and popcorn buds
  7. 20210106_162431.jpg


    Ground up
  8. 20210106_170511.jpg


    Play time
  9. 20210106_170954.jpg


    51.41 grams!
  10. 20210106_165009.jpg


    Did it in 2 batches - the first one is the pile at the top of the pic, the second is the powder on the table.
  11. 20210106_165443.jpg


  12. CrazyChef

    Making Vape Pen Cartridges From RSO?

    This is some VERY bad advice. @StanHansen, I'm not trying to "dis" you, but I owned my own vaping business for 3 years, and have been making my own vaping eliquids for about 6 years. Inhaling vaporized coconut (or any) oil is VERY BAD for your lungs. Eliquids are just that - liquids (not...
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    420 Magazine's Plant of the Month: January 2021

    Quite a ways from maturity, but she's a cute little girl.
  14. Dark Devil Auto LST

    Dark Devil Auto LST

  15. CrazyChef

    Comment by 'CrazyChef' in media '9164E48E-FB8B-4B66-97CD-A0BA7ED1C02F.jpeg'

    I use a Nikon D5300 with a Sigma 105mm lens. I'm good thanks.
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