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    What's The Deal Monsanto?

    So, I've been thinking on this, and I wanted to throw this article out to the great growers of the world to see what they thought too. I'm pissed, super pissed about the idea that Monsanto is sneaking into my grow room. "Not that you saw the name “Monsanto” at the Maximum Yield event. Instead...
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    Advanced Nutrients PH Down

    Nice info. I haven't really found a use for AN pH Down as I use the pH Perfect technology. It takes away any need for it, IMHO And I watch my grow pretty carefully so my pH troubles are minimal at best.
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    At what level should the nutrients be in the bucket?

    Interesting thread here. Though I admit I'm not quite sure what you're asking there.
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    Do I Need Fertilizer? Outdoors

    NEVER EVER USE MIRACLE GROW... And I've heard that Advanced Nutrients makes a nutrient for outdoor growing, though I haven't used it. I've used other AN products with a lot of success, so that's where I'd start if you want to grow delicious MMJ.
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    Just a quick question, any grower will probably easily answer

    Meh. I think it looks cool, but I don't think it's necessary.
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    Watering and nutrients

    Yeah, I've never set a schedule for watering. You gotta listen to what your plants are telling you.
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    Which method equals the best yield?

    Depends on how well you grow. For me, AN + hydro = rock star results.
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    Who's Using the pH Perfect Technology?

    Well, to go back to the original question... (Not that I'm not enjoying the responses - very informative stuff) I can only speak to my personal experience with the pH Perfect technology - and I love it. My plants are loving it, growing big and strong, so really, that's all that matters to...
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    8 week feeding schedule for a -10 week flower advanced nutrients

    I love using Big Bud to ramp things up. Yes, keep adding it for every week longer you go with your MMJ grow!
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    Anyone using Advanced Nutrients and Botonicare products together?

    AN's Hobbyist Bundle without Voodoo Juice or B-52? Sacrilege!! LOL Seriously though, I would make sure you're using only AN with AN stuff. I just don't know about mixing different kinds of nutrients anymore since it seems like that might be something that can F--k things up. I mean...
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    Newbie at cultivating, need all advice

    Yeah, you can certainly use soil, but you don't want to use somsething like miracle grow. Use somethign that can be used with the nutrients you already have on board. And that will help you have better results...
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    How much time do you spend on your garden each day?

    I spend a lot of time wiht my plants, but far less time than I probably could....I do love hanging out with them, but it seems like that doesn't actually help them grow...and I'm lazy too. Maybe up to an hour a day??? What a great question to ask for the new ones out there......
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    Whats up 420M

    Godspeed has the right answers for you. For me, I haven't grown outside, but doesn't it make sense that plants that would normally be growing outside if it wasn't for The Man would be exposed to rain normally??? Is the rain really that bad for plants? Seems like a free way to water...
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    BIG fan leaves covering the tinier buds underneath? CUT off or keep on?

    No matter who you ask, someone is goign to tell you somethign and someone else is going to tell you something else...and they're both right and wrong at the same time. everyone's got 'proof' that they're right. for me, I tend to trim off the lower leaves when I feel like they're holding up...
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