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    I think everyone would choose the oz of dank if they had the choice. Too bad an oz of dank down here is anywhere from 350-400 and an Oz of regs/schwag is like 60-80. If I'm tight on $, I'll choose the Oz of schwag. Of course I can make dank last a hell of a lot longer though. Get higher by...
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    Best way to conserve your bud?

    Amen. I can conserve but some of my friends seem to be completely incapable of doing it; which makes me run low. If I were able to get ahold of a large amount of dank I would weigh it out into 1/8s, stick in seperate baggies, and stick them in the freezer and use one baggie at a time. Only...
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    Who has seen the latest ONDCP propaganda?

    Its actually funny how the government has changed its approach to its "propaganda" of pot. In the 30s and that sh*thead who started it all Anslinger, there were actually movies made that told people that if you smoked pot you would turn into a crazy murderer and have wild orgies. I've even...
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    Is it true??

    I've read that at places too. I'm pretty sure that it would just be temporary though if there were any adverse reactions at all.
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    Finally done, packing a well deserved bowl

    Hell yeah "stoners are lazy" = bullsh*t lazy? I gotta 3.8 up in this piece pre-med microbiology major. I get my stuff done
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    Bong water

    I've heard somewhere that if you use listerine (mouthwash) its like taking a menthol hit b/c of the cooling vapors. It would also make sense because it would clean out and make your bong smell really good. I don't believe the combination of active ingredients (eucalyptol, menthol, methyl...
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    Finally done, packing a well deserved bowl

    Oh, I guess that was my thanksgiving bowl too lol
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    Finally done, packing a well deserved bowl

    Phew, I just got done studying physics. I've been studying for about 12 hours today (no school I had nothing to do) I sacrificed going home this holiday for the sake of grades. Time to chill.
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    Morning smoke with coffee?

    I waked and baked one day this semester. It was almost a necessity that morning. I had only gotten like 3 and a half hours of sleep that night because I was studying for a huge physics exam the next day. When I woke up I was stressed, anxious and thus subsequently nauseaus, and very tired so...
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    Burnout feeling?

    Yeah I got burned out earlier this week. It was the first time in a long time that its happened. I think because we smoked several bowls of this now powerful strain I acquired that day. As for the whole smoking during the semester, its totally fine as long as you get your stuff done before...
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    Marijuana soon to be legal (decriminalized, at least)?

    We need to convince the moral majority that jesus was a pothead. hehe I'll smoke one up for jesus's sake
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    Should be safe delivery service.

    one of my dealers just re-upped this week. I think he gets his shit shipped to him cause he definately had a HP in a big food saver bag. And this stuff was some stinky cali dank, but you couldn't smell it from the outside of the bag.
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    Ever toke with the parents?

    I've smoked with all of my siblings and my uncle. But my parents uhhhh no, I know my dad used to back in college and before he had kids n stuff. Me and my brother think that my mom used to but no one is sure.
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