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    Kip22 replied to the thread Mixing soil with coco.
    I'm bout to find out myself. I've got two CC White Widow at week 4 in 65% coco 25% promix and 10% organic compost. So far they are the...
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    Kip22 replied to the thread LED Help & Input.
    If you aren't into building your own I'd buy meizhi LED lights. For 1000 you could buy a bunch of their "600" watt equivalent lights. I...
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    Was thinking bout using some of these for added light to my other regular LED grow lights. I'd prefer lower color temp for flower but I...
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    Kip22 replied to the thread 4 plants max?.
    Thanks for the replies all. Yes I'm only indoors in a 4X4X8 tent. 4 in flower is generally full except for my veg space which I'd really...
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    Kip22 posted the thread 4 plants max? in Canada.
    With 4 I can grow way more than enough for myself but it does piss me off a bit. Things like crossing/cloning/producing seed etc are...
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