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    Anxiety - anyone else w/MMJ for this? Have questions

    It's amazing how little it can take to change your mood, right? I find myself laughing at the absurdity of our laws, the medical profession and the societal stigma attached to MJ. I began to take valium in 2007 for a combination of RLS and anxiety. Originally, I took 10mg/night. I've...
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    Anxiety - anyone else w/MMJ for this? Have questions

    I have some Blue Dream that I tried just yesterday. I, too, suffer from panic/dissociate disorders. In my extremely limited experience with Blue Dream, I am on the fence. One of the first things I said to my partner was, "I don't even think it's possible to feel anxiety with this stuff", but...
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    Do You Have Schizophrenia?

    This is an older thread but.... Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder do have several overlapping symptoms. These two conditions are often mistaken for each other because of the similarity in symptoms. However, the treatment for the separate disorders is very different and that's why it's so...
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    Hello! Wasn't it Joe Rogan who said, "I can't believe I didn't start smoking until I was 30!" I'm a 40-year old (unemployed) nurse and I just started about a year ago. I've been vaping daily since January of this year and it's been an interesting journey. I live in the Pacific NW and...
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    Lacey WA Co Green Cross

    I've been a lurker for the past several months but I haven't had much to contribute thus far. Just yesterday I went to the Seattle Green Cross (Lacey WA location)--it was my first time in a dispensary--and I was really impressed. Don't let the outside fool you--the dispensary and waiting...
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