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    Hand Watering Buds / Final Push For Yield

    Re: Hand Watering Buds / Final Push For Yield... hey there, I use the 300 watt cfls at home de pot 2700k they work great.
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    Help me bring these girls full term!

    my last plant, at about 7 wks into flower, the leaves all started dying off real fast and the buds stopped growing and all the pistils turned brown. I thought it might be root bound in a 3L pot so I chopped it and when i pulled it out of the dirt the roots were almost non existant......bad root...
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    Help me bring these girls full term!

    have you seen any gnats flying around??
  4. retcwby

    What are you smoking now?

    Been burning some Sno Cap, great energy smoke.
  5. retcwby

    The truth about the CO2 Boost Bucket

    I'm not pushing these things or anything, I am just curious if anybody has tried these co2 bags?? ExHale CO2 Bags
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    Superlemon Haze - Drip Irrigation - HID - 2011

    Gotta keep Baby happy....you know how it is....if baby aint happy nobody's happy...lol:goodluck:
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    National Guard Raid Pilots Spot Marijuana in Alanson Couple's Yard

    since when is having 3 loaded guns in your home a felony??
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    Results with House and Garden products

    photos??? where are the photos??
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    Utah Man Killed in Outrageous Police Raid

    That makes me ILL seeing that
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    I need a name for my first bowl!

  11. retcwby

    Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect Nutes

    and you havta follow their feeding schedule for the type of grow u r doing right
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    Why do Americans roll without a filter?

    IDK about thc reduction, but I usually cut off at least 2/3 of the filter.
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    Why do Americans roll without a filter?

    I use a cig machine and filter tubes to smoke my shake.......very smooth.
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    WW seed banks worth dealing with

    I would recomend the Single Seed Centre. Great service and you can order just 1 seed if you want.
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    Can you vape oil?

    what about those nebulizers they use for ppl with atshma?
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