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    Katins's 2nd Micro Grow - White Widow Fem - 1 Square Foot Under LED

    I edited your quotation above to "warmth," but I think we all know what you meant and are used to autocorrect "fixing" things for us in creative ways... ;)
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    Katins's 2nd Micro Grow - White Widow Fem - 1 Square Foot Under LED

    I thought I was terribly clever when I wrapped a strip of packing tape around my infested flower pot sticky-side-out last summer, but I did not catch a single fly. I assume there must be something that smells or tastes good on the thingies that you buy.
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    LED square foot cabinet coverage

    Thanks. I fixed that. Here it is: Icemud's "Suggestions on buying the best LED light"
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    We Should K.I.S.S - Second Grow

    Interesting. Thanks. Yeah, the importance of good drainage and aeration--as simple and unglamorous as it is--is one of the biggest lessons I have learned for any kind of gardening.
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    Katins's 2nd Micro Grow - White Widow Fem - 1 Square Foot Under LED

    In my experience, neem oil, like most of the organic, less scary insecticides, takes some time and consistent application to work. It's not so much a "cidal agent" that kills instantly on contact but stuff that makes the environment unsuitable for the target beasties. And gnats get out all over...
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    Questions! Is okay to change nutrients in the half way?

    Assuming that you're using the pH Perfect for hydroponics, you may discover that you have more pH variation with GH FloraSeries, so do keep an eye on that. I like FloraSeries and use it, but I had a lot of pH variation in my reservoir (which I suspect now may largely have been because my...
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    LED square foot cabinet coverage

    That was a hell of a write up! I think I'll paste that in my collection. We've come a long way since foot candles was the standard...
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    Canada Guy's Perpetual Garden

    Interesting point. I think here the term they use is "household," but I could be wrong about that...
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    LED square foot cabinet coverage

    You've got that right! Lighting is evolving so fast that it's hard to know what to buy and how to compare. I posted a couple blog entries with articles that I found helpful in trying to wrap my head around what's what. Maybe they'll help? 420 Magazine ® 420 Magazine ®
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    White Aluminum For Grow Light Hood?

    Hey MM -- I'm curious about "white aluminum." Do you mean aluminum with a coating (like paint or vinyl or?) or aluminum that has been treated somehow so it has an oxidized surface or something? In any case, if it's bright white in color, I'll guess that it's going to reflect enough to be...
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    Has anyone smart homed their grow tent?

    Yeah, the little man from Alabama seems to think for some reason that it's still 1968...
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    We Should K.I.S.S - Second Grow

    So what exactly were your take-aways? (Must do next time and don't do next time.) Sorry things didn't go as well this time.
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    Best Coco? New Grower

    The old pillowcase contained it pretty well. I was more worried about my back lifting and squishing that big wet bag.
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