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  1. K

    AR: Marijuana Commission Sets Cultivation Fee At $100,000

    The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission has decided to set license fee (and annual renewal) for cultivation facilities at $100,000, Benji Hardy reports. The decision was billed as a compromise, after commissioner Travis Story pushed for setting it at $185,000 and Carlos Ramon proposed $15,000...
  2. quiyettoker

    Best Vape Pen under $100?

    I've been looking into purchasing a vape pen under $100 but there are so many out there to choose from. Names like Pax 2, Grasshopper, Arizer Air, Wispr 2, Vapir 2.0, Vape xhale cloud Evo, SSV, iVapor, I have come across. I'm looking for one that has herb,wax for now, oil maybe later. So what do...
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