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1200 watts

  1. FsHempire

    Critical Kush Indoor

    Coco coir. 1200w HPS LED Combo.
  2. Zogrowsgreen

    Help! Mixing light spectrums - Mars Hydro LEDs plus T5s

    Hello All i posted this in the lighting forum but decided this was a question that also might get frequently asked, I need help with figuring out my light spectrum for veg/bloom with my current light setup to make sure i am not doing more harm than good by mixing the led spectrum and T5. The...
  3. N

    Crop King Early Miss Auto & Green Crack Fem - 1200 Watts

    2 new strains too my grow, gonna get crazy 1000w hps 2 105w blue spec CFLs 10x10 mylared up room 7 foot curling Air condition 5000 btu 2 exhaust fans 4 fans in room 86-90° (working on this) Maybe co2 eventually 3 gal pots for autos 3 transplants from diff size pots for the GC Pro...