1st cfl grow

  1. Imraan

    CFL grow

    Good day everyone I'm starting a CFL GROW with two 80watt daylight cfl bulbs... Will this be enough wattage for my plant? How long should I keep it in its vegging state? When do I start flowering?could I use these daylight bulbs to flower aswell... My plants are already about 6 weeks old and...
  2. SmokAlott

    Need Help: My Seedling Is Yellowing

    Here are my 3 seedlings in between 1.5 & 2 weeks old.Can anyone tell me the overall status arevthey good or bad its my first grow and its bag seed...i have some Criticsl Purple from GCS otw!!!!
  3. B

    Help! Sagada Landrace - Dying/Yellowing Leaves

    Sagada Landrace 1st grow Strain - Sagada Landrace # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Setup - Space Bucket Light - 3 pcs 24 Watt CFL Nutrients - None Pests - None Known Problems - Dying/yellowing leaves at the bottom. Any info/recommendations on what to do? Its...
  4. N

    Any advise on my 1st grow?

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