1. 9

    Funk's - Indoor Soil - Blue Mystic - Grow Journal 2011

    Hello, let me start off with, I am new here, and to growing(my first time)lol. I am receiving 5 feminized Blue Mystic seeds from Nirvana, this up-coming week. So, I decided to start my journal now: 1. to introduce myself. 2. get any questions out of the way. 3. and to receive as much input as...
  2. U

    UncleJohn's Basic Hydro Cabinet Grow 2011/2012

    Hey everyone, My first grow journal, and only my second grow so ill put it out there now that im by no means an experienced grower so any feedback/criticism would be really great. My first grow was earlier this year and was a closet grow. It was in my college room which was cleaned and...
  3. jme_j

    Cleveland NORML 2011 FallOut Fundraiser

    For details: The Cleveland NORML FallOut 2011 is on! It will be on October 29, 2011 starting at 3:00pm at The Garage Bar 1859 W 25th St., Cleveland OH - 216-696-7772. Mark your calendars! Ask your friends, family and everyone else if they want to stop by! Come out and have a great...
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