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  1. Iguana Man

    Overwatered & Cal/Mag deficiency?

    3 week old Bianca. HF Potting soil with additional 30% MG Perlite. LED 19" away. 18/6. Container is 6" wide. Temps 73-77 degrees with 35% RH. Opinions? I'm thinking Cal/Mag deficiency along with some over watering.
  2. P

    Cannot get humidity above 35% in 2x2x6 tent

    Hey guys, I cannot for the life of me get the humidity above 35% in my grow tent. The tent is 2x2x6 and has an inline fan running as well as LED's . The fan extraction and LED's together maintain a nice 26degrees celsius but the humidity just lingers in the 35% area. I have turned off the...