1. Summer Grow 2023

    Summer Grow 2023

    Photoperiods: NYC Diesel, Sour G, Durban Poison, and Amnesia Autoflower: Blue Cheese
  2. Red Afro

    Red Afro

    3 gallon
  3. Veg Rrom

    Veg Rrom

    Ready to up pot
  4. KingJoe83

    King's Winter Bomb Seeds & Purple Monkey Balls 2018

    Hey everyone welcome to my new journal where I will be using type A light and type B I will be using advanced nutrient ph perfect trio with cal mag by GH and z7 by flying skull. Strains I will be running for this journal will be Thc bomb and widow bomb of seeds to crack off for bad reasons...
  5. Y

    Coco coir yield?

    This is my first grow in coco. I have a few other grows under my belt (waterfarm buckets and soil) so I think I have a pretty good idea of what Im doing. Pretty much im just wondering what others have yielded with coco and possibly a general idea of how much i could yield if I were to flower...
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