1. G

    Greenfing's Two White Widows SCROG

    Hi, Going for my 3rd grow, this time with two White Widows:) Strain; White Widow Pot; Rootpuch 56L Soil; 40L + 8L perlite Tent; Secret Jardin DARK ROOM II - DR240W v3.0 (120x240 / 4x8) Light; 600w HPS + 2 x 200W CXB3590 3000k/3500k Light Schedule; Veg - 18/6, Flower 12/12 Nuts...
  2. goofyfoot

    Autos - 3rd Time's A Charm

    Howdy All 420 People Just figured I would try and record some grow stuff as I start up with a winter time grow. My third time with Autoflowers and really grown to like them. The fact that they are starting to bust out pistils in3 weeks is crazy. Also being able to chop at more likely 75 to 85...
  3. Why Doe

    What's the shortest strain?

    What's the shortest strain that you know of, low ryder? Currently growing blueberry and that girl is only 2 feet 3 weeks into flowering. I have room to fit a 3rd plant under the carbon filter if she's real short.
  4. R

    Growth cycle

    Hello all! When can a new sprout be considered in the vegetative phase? After the 3rd node or ? Thanks!:Namaste:
  5. R

    Question on Main-lining

    Hello fellow 420er's. I have a questions about mainlining. I am just about to start cutting later today and from most of the reading I am doing. Its says to cut from the 6th node to the 3rd node. Now since I am looking at this plate the 3rd node seems wrong. If I cut below the 3rd node and...
  6. xave420

    Mobile deficiency in mid flower - Never had this problem this bad before

    I have attached a bunch of pics of my incredible bulk auto that is flowering experiencing some kind of deficiency on leaves. i have the journal in my signature its my current 3rd grow. any help is appreciated
  7. S

    Hope I did this right

    3rd nod fim'd Close Up
  8. H

    3rd week flowering - 5 weeks veg

    3rd week flowering , crop king purple kush. Topped them, and topped one twice. See what happens can't wait for final numbers ..
  9. O

    My girls 3 weeks into flower

    3 weeks of 12/12 and all 4 plants are looking promising so far. Worked up to full strength Fox Farm nutes now but only feeding once a week. What do you think?
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