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4x8 grow

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    MrMedic's First Grow - 2000W 4x8 Scrog RDWC

    Hi, This is my first time growing anything as my prescription is too expensive! Gear 2x 1000w hps air cooled 4 by 8 tent 8x 5gal Rdwc Scrog is 4'x8' with 2"x2" trellis Plant Crown Royal from CKS Blueberry x Purple Kush Mostly Indica 8x clones from 1 mother And the...
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    LED lights for 4x8

    Hi everyone newbie here. I have read sooooo much on lights and lights with a mover it is unreal. I am setting up an 4x8 spot with mylar on 3 sides. Looking at led full spectrum lights from seed to harvest. I want to invest wisely the first time. All suggestions appreciated. I do not live close...