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5 gallon smart pot

  1. DreamingTrees7

    Dreamingtree’s 3rd Round Grow, Soil, Fox Farms Trio, Happy Frog Soil, Blue Dream & Black Indica, Mars Eco 98’s

    Hey everyone! Welcome to my fresh clean orderly 3rd round grow journal. Let’s get started STRAINS Blue dream Black indica MEDIUM Happy frog soil in 5 gallon cloth pots NUTRIENTS Fox farms Tiger Bloom, Grow big, and Big Bloom Cal mag Great White mycorrhizae LIGHT 2 mars hydro eco 98’s...
  2. Autoflowerdreams

    Help my little girl needs advice

    My autocookies are three days old. Did I burn the little girls? Organic seedling mix first 3 inches Fox farms ocean forest the rest 30 % perlite mixed in. 600 Phlizon LED set on veg at 22 inches No extra nutes just water PH 6.8
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