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  1. Ron Strider

    CA: Editorial - A Marijuana Prohibition That Makes Sense

    There's hardly a more receptive or captive audience for marketing an intoxicant than the beleaguered commuters crowded onto a rush-hour Muni bus (except perhaps the ones packed onto a rush-hour BART train). But unlike many of the dopey regulations proliferating ahead of California's legalization...
  2. Ron Strider

    CA: SF's Muni Considers Yanking Marijuana Ads From Its Buses

    San Francisco's Municipal Railway, citing public complaints and uncertainty over future regulations, is proposing to ban both medical and recreational pot advertising on city buses, streetcars, cable cars and transit shelters. The Municipal Transportation Agency began allowing advertising of...
  3. Ron Strider

    California Cannabis Companies Can Use Promotional Products

    Legally licensed cannabis companies in California will be able to use branded merchandise to market their businesses — at least for the time being. The development is a win for marijuana businesses and promotional product firms eager to provide logoed items for what will be the most robust...
  4. Ron Strider

    Cannabis Ad Finds A High Audience

    As cannabis brands around the country grapple with legal woes in advertising their products, one company has found a way to reach millions—while they're already high. Wikileaf, a price-comparison app for the legal cannabis market, is running an in-flight ad on Virgin America's domestic routes...
  5. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Mapping Company Puts Up Pro-Legalization Advertisements In Michigan

    A California-based marijuana mapping company has invested in digital and physical advertising in three Michigan cities to tout the benefits of legalized marijuana. Weedmaps, a mapping and technology service for dispensaries and other marijuana services nationwide, recently started a public...
  6. Ron Strider

    WA: New Measure Sets Restrictions On Cannabis Store Advertisements

    Kevin Palmer spins, throws and flips his arrow-shaped sign off of Silverdale Way to advertise Fillabong, a recreational marijuana store a block away from the Kitsap Mall. "My job is not going to evaporate but I'm pretty sure it's going to have an impact of sorts," Palmer said as he took a...
  7. Ron Strider

    Ad Makeover For Washington's Marijuana Industry

    SoDo pot shops have already begun changing out signs and billboards — bracing for the impacts of a new law that goes in effect on Sunday. "No sandwich boards, no flags, no sign spinners — the things people are putting value judgments on that they find unappealing or gross," said Oscar...
  8. Ron Strider

    MA: State Mulls Limits On Pot Advertising

    Driven by concerns over marijuana marketing to teens, state lawmakers are weighing strict rules for recreational pot advertising, but entrepreneurs seeking to take advantage of legal weed say that would block them from selling their products. A voter-approved law allows adults 21 and older to...
  9. Ron Strider

    Big Changes Coming To Washington's Marijuana Laws

    In case you missed it, Washington State's marijuana regulations are going to change significantly on June 23rd thanks to Governor Inslee having signed SB 5131 into law last month. If you hold a Washington State marijuana production, processing, or retail license from the Washington State...
  10. K

    California Considers Ban On Roadside-Billboard Marijuana Ads

    For months, westbound commuters on Highway 50 were greeted with a towering billboard of pot culture icon Tommy Chong pitching his Chong's Choice marijuana products and directing motorists to a Sacramento dispensary, the Horizon Collective. A newer billboard greets eastbound traffic on the...
  11. K

    The 'Mostly False' Argument That Could Derail Legal Weed In California

    California's upcoming ballot initiative to legalize marijuana appears likely to pass, with recent polls showing support for the measure standing at 60 percent or higher. But opponents have lately seized on a new message that they hope will convince Californians on the fence to vote "no" in...
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