1. POTG mainline update

    POTG mainline update

  2. Planet of the grape group shot transplant day

    Planet of the grape group shot transplant day

    After shot of all 3 of the plants after transplant
  3. Kanno26

    Kanno 26 Introduces ViparSpectra KS5000 And Grow 3x Mimosa EVO Together

    Hello everyone, welcome to my second sponsored journal. Where I will grow under @ViparSpectra KS5000 in 5x5. There will be 3x Mimosa EVO that started their growth under the XS1500 PRO where they were for three weeks and now they finally got to their new home. Two Mimosas will be in SIPs and...
  4. Hdinkleman

    Super Lemon Haze Grow Through Grid Scrog

    day 30 I have been purposefully trying to stunt this plants growth due to my “veg area” space limitations but now i got a tent. i will use it for just veg, seed starting, but anyways here it goes— - 1 nirvana super lemon haze seed - currently under a 75 watt 5000k cob - mixture of CANNA...
  5. 98C68E18-0EE6-469C-9169-090D33B756B4.jpeg


  6. Flashashh

    Flash's Pynamite Coco Grow With LED's

    Welcome to my first ever grow journal! I've been an avid follower of the 420 mag site for a few years and have learned so much from all of the amazing members here. After reading for some years i have decided its time to give back to the site and hopefully help other members like myself. i...
  7. Pterostychus

    Pterostychus: The Never Ending Story, Now Jack Herer

    Dear ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce my next grow. It will be my first journal here but it is my fourth grow. The star of this show is going to be a Purple Kush Auto Feminised, it is a freebie seed I got with my Blue Dream Auto by Humboldt seeds order, since I order from a...
  8. K

    2 x WWxBB, Led and CFL's, SCROG

    Hi, all! I'm doing it again- making the journal! Although not from scratch. Only the exciting part- the flowering! :D "Executive Overview"- Strain: White Widow x Big Bud from Both seeds germinated, both are female. Currently (Jan 4.) it is in Day 65 from seed and...
  9. D

    Driftme's Perpetual Airpot/LED Grow

    Alright, starting a new journal for this next phase, picking up new clones every 2 weeks.. hopefully will have some good variety and a lot of different strains to practice tending to cannabis. Strain: Amnesia, Tahoe Thunder Medium: Soil in 3L airpots Environment: Indoor, LED Wholesalers...
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