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  2. Flashashh

    Flash's Pynamite Coco Grow With LED's

    Welcome to my first ever grow journal! I've been an avid follower of the 420 mag site for a few years and have learned so much from all of the amazing members here. After reading for some years i have decided its time to give back to the site and hopefully help other members like myself. i...
  3. K

    2 x WWxBB, Led and CFL's, SCROG

    Hi, all! I'm doing it again- making the journal! Although not from scratch. Only the exciting part- the flowering! :D "Executive Overview"- Strain: White Widow x Big Bud from femaleseeds.nl. Both seeds germinated, both are female. Currently (Jan 4.) it is in Day 65 from seed and...
  4. D

    Driftme's Perpetual Airpot/LED Grow

    Alright, starting a new journal for this next phase, picking up new clones every 2 weeks.. hopefully will have some good variety and a lot of different strains to practice tending to cannabis. Strain: Amnesia, Tahoe Thunder Medium: Soil in 3L airpots Environment: Indoor, LED Wholesalers...
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